Miaoli Count Zaoqiao Townshi

Dairy Farm Restaurant


Visitors can taste the freshest milk from cows, either milked on the same day or the day before. The owner, Zhang Shu-Zhi, uses fresh and high quality milk to make ice cream bars, panna cotta, and milk steamed buns. The large amount of fresh milk used in the recipes creates a delicate texture and aroma. Skilled at preparing Hakka cuisine, Zhang also uses milk to make creamy seafood and milk hotpots, which are the two most popular dishes of the restaurant.


GPS:E120 52.00

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12/02 Wednesday

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1 週前

環境清尤,空氣品質讚,爬山野炊 鄉下人十分好客,親切,

3 週前

免收門票的牧場 還有各種小動物 也有餐廳 很貼心

3 週前

由於季節的關係, 目前花草都已枯萎了, 明年春夏之際再來觀賞。

David Huang
2 個月前

兩隻不是山豬的豬 幾隻山羊 還有不知道跑去哪的犢牛 形成這麼一個老闆娘和友人唱卡拉Ok的牧場餐廳……… 嗯………

2 年前