Keelung Cit Nuannuan Dist

Dajing Leisure Farm

A Few Words from the Owner

If you ever have the chance to come to Keelung’s Nuannuan, remember to stop by at Dajing Leisure Farm for a stroll. At Dajing, you will find hundreds of kinds of unique plants and Chinese Rain Bells, as well as the largest ancient outdoor dye tub. People of all ages can come and experience DIY blue dyeing, and gain knowledge on fabric dyes from ancient China. In addition, we also extend our warmest welcome to those who are interested in the history and development of Keelung or Nuannuan to reminisce about fun memories from the past.


Take the 603 Dongshikeng line at Keelung Station and get off at the destination Nuandong Valley; then walk for about 15 minutes before arriving at the farm.


GPS:E121 45.03

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07/24 Saturday

旅客評價 (Google Map)

1 週前

有好多DIY活動可以玩,尤其是藍染,更是不能錯過。 農場裡的大草皮、菜園、沿著步道去走淡蘭古道、柏油路面的五月雪,真的是美不勝收,值得一來再來的地方。

2 週前


4 個月前

農場裡面 有專業老師 教人做藍染 裡面很多產品 做得非常精緻 值得去參觀

5 個月前


szuszu Lee
7 個月前