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元貝田媽媽海上料理坊 Yuan-Bei Tianmam Maritime Restaurant

“Happy Bay Seafood Restaurant” is the only Tian Ma Ma Restaurant on sea. Visitors can enjoy the all-day happy trip with the big blue ocean, sky and delicious food. The Tian Ma Ma is Pei-Zheng Wu, and her husband originally cultured fish by stationary fishing net. In recent years, he planned the “Happy Bay Fish Ecology Area” with a series of water activities such as introduction on intertidal ecology, dining on sea, catching with fishing net, fishing on the deck and getting to know the stationary fishing net, so the urban dwellers have a chance to be a one-day fisherman before meals.

The intertidal ecology has all kinds of conches that show up after the ebb. It is easy to have fun with the Hemicentrotus by the rocks, wild corals, sea slugs and crabs. Yuanbeiyu is made of hexagonal cone shaped basalts, and it has the world-class marine abrasion topography that catches people’s attention and dazzles all.

Tourists go fishing together and the food materials for dinner include tuna, tubule, squid, cobia, and a big grouper, which are sent directly to the boat restaurant and the Tian Ma Ma will turn them into scrumptious dishes, shortening the food miles-- in a word, fresh!

As it getting dark, tourists can enjoy the meal under the starry sky! The sashimi, including squid, tuna and cobia, is guaranteed of its freshness; the seafood porridge, made of oyster, squid and shrimp, wins everyone’s palate.

In the suave breeze, the grouper soup as the finale is very delightful. Every diner totally enjoys the experiences on sea. Taking the fishing boat, enjoying the breeze, watching the stars and relishing the seafood feast satisfies everyone’s taste and spirit and that marks a perfect ending for the one-day fisherman’s life experience.

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沒有制止遊客觸碰綠蠵龜 放任他們拍照 不怕被罰錢嗎 還是說你們沒有說可以碰 任由他們觸碰是個人行為 跟店家毫無關係?

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工作人員幽默風趣且解說詳盡、整體行程規劃得很用心,有花生酥當點心、魚湯當下午茶、超豐盛海鮮晚餐、時間都估算且執行的非常精準。 但這畢竟是老少咸宜的行程安排,會有家長帶很多小朋友們來參與,需要多點耐心或耳塞(?)包容忍耐屁孩們的哭鬧

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