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No. 154-3, Youmu, Sanxia Dist., New Taipei City

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CHCC started in 1987, is a well known tourist spot in the northern Taiwan. The feature is the home g...

CHCC started in 1987, is a well known tourist spot in the northern Taiwan. The feature is the home grown rainbow trout, bass, Chinese sturgeon and paddlefish that are guaranteed toxic free.

It is an ecological farm combining local natural resources (Manyueyuan Forest Recreation Area, Yunsen Waterfall, etc.) and seasonal vegetables such as gynura's deux couleurs, congracilaria, chrysanthemum coronarium, angelica sieboldi, sweet potato leaf, white cabbage, talinum patens(L) willd., makino bamboo shoot, oldham bamboo shoot, and citrus, etc., along with the freshly cooked dishes in the Tian Ma Ma Restaurant of its own.

Fresh, healthy and original tastes of the low carbon diet is provided and guided tours are also available through reservation, so the visitors can enjoy the delicacy and understand the fish ecology while having fun in the beautiful nature.

The farm also has a conference room and activities such as creative DIY, water activities, trekking and hiking available. In hope to provide the tourists a place where fresh food materials can be seen, delicate dishes can be tasted, and beautiful scenery is within reach—making it an appealing ecological trip and spiritual retreat!

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yen lin
1 個月前

傻眼+1 路途遙遠 9彎18拐 6片炸魚薄片 $380 還要 加1成 有夠瞎 餐點 份量少價錢高 真是.............😰

1 個月前

這是一個精緻的餐廳 鱘龍魚料理種類相當多元 點了金沙 魚球 牛蒡骨湯有許多軟骨 口味清淡 生魚片 魚腸 等 雖然環境看的出是摧殘過的痕跡 含有其他冷凍後就料理 價格的不是非常便宜粗飽那種 但肯定不是一星那種

Chris Wang
1 個月前


4 個月前

點了6000合菜+10%服務費……但菜色沒那種價值,除了鱘龍魚很有特別,其他菜沒什麼特別,櫃檯態度也差,反應12人給的桌子太小了,既然說你太晚訂桌了,我說我們常跑外面吃也沒遇到店家這樣回答,應該會回好的這個問題我們會改善的吧!……我們這家點應該只想做一次性生意吧! 想必給5顆星的應該自己人吧!

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