Hsinchu Count Jianshi Townshi

Ba Wu Mountain Spring Fish Farm

At Meiyuan Section, Jianshi township in Xinchu county, “Ba Wu Mountain Spring Villa” is the emerging rest point. Embraced by green mountains, together with the fresh air and excellent water quality, it is a Hinoki-decorated space offering B&B, trout meals and afternoon tea services.

It is a Hinoki building in an American look that emits a cordial feeling. The first impression is the strong Hinoki scents when you get close to the building. The mountains, forests, flowers and trees are decorated in the clean and exquisite restaurant setting in a casual manner. The signature dish in “Ba Wu Mountain Spring Villa” is trout. The fresh and savory trout taste is beyond description. If a 2-day trip is available, the Hinoki B&B is the best rest point in Jianshi township. Slow down to enjoy the best views including the mountains and the changes of clouds and mists in the mountains; it is totally a spiritual SPA by watching the beautiful scenery in the afternoons!

Signature Dish: Steamed Sturgeon

Introduction: At an altitude of 850 meters above sea level, the villa farms the sturgeons and trout in the high mountains as the food material. The dish is made of freshly caught fish with local Makou to present the tenderness and delicacy of the fish.

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Weather 多雲 晴時多雲 晴時多雲 晴時多雲 晴時多雲 晴時多雲 晴時多雲
Highest Temperature℃ 20 16 17 16 18 18 16
Lowest Temperature℃ 17 13 15 14 15 16 13
Rainfall Probability 10% 0% 20% 0% 0% 0% 0%
11/27 Friday

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1 個月前

Because in the mountain, the air is more fresh. Its signature dish is a rare Sturgeon cuisine, the fish is tender and has no fishy smell,but when you enjoy delicious fish, pay attention to the fish bones.This restaurant has a great location for viewing, you can see that Neiwan(內灣) is just below you.

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