Yilan Count Dongshan Townshi


Going into the fields and you will see “First Village” in distance, with a herbal garden of 1,200 square meters, growing more than 200 types of indigenous herbs and potherbs such as solanum nigrum, honey suckles, asystasia gangetica.

First Village is located upriver of Dongshan River, and the water quality is therefore pure and pollution free. It has a complete range of natural ecology and resources. Medicinal Plant Association of Yilan County grew medicinal plants and herbs here in 2002; “Herb & Health Meals” have been served since First Village opened in 2004.

Tian Mama Shu-Hui SHEN and her husband utilize their rich knowledge on medicinal herbs and pick 15 edible herbs from more than 200 medicinal herbs for the cuisine; medicinal herbs are cold in nature, hence there are gingers, lyceum, and jujube in the meals to make a balance.

Trema dielsiana Hand.-Mazz. Can clear heat and resolve toxin. Mash the Trema dielsiana Hand.-Mazz., and cook with tiny dried fish and diced sweet potato, the soup tastes sticky and the aftertaste is slightly bitter harmonized by the sweetness of sweet potato; the soup can resolve summer heat in the scorching summer. “Five Color Dumplings in Rice Wine Soup” has the red infested rice, eucommia, poria decoction, gardenia jasminoides Ellis, Taiwan ginsheng and Malabar spinach in the little sticky rice balls, together with the wine-fermented glutinous rice, lyceum and an egg; the ingredients in this bowl of dessert can benefit the five vicera.


GPS:E121 44.55

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Weather 陰陣雨或雷雨 多雲時晴 多雲 多雲 多雲 多雲短暫陣雨或雷雨
Highest Temperature℃ 32 35 34 34 34 34
Lowest Temperature℃ 26 27 28 27 27 28
Rainfall Probability 70% 20% 0% 0% 0% 0%
07/24 Saturday

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老闆說每個季節的桌菜菜色都不同,沒固定菜單。建議預約,報人數,老闆會告訴你金額。自己再決定要哪種價位。 菜好吃,完全忘記拍照😂 少一星是因為沒設抽菸區,大門口就有人抽煙。煙味直接飛入用餐場所。很可惜。

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就是剛好趕上花正美的季節。。。用心的經營,用心的料理。就是總能讓人 暖心又暖胃

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