Tainan Cit Liuying Dist

Ne Ne Bao Traditional Rice and Noodles

Liuying District used to be called “Cha Mu Ying” and now it is the biggest origin of dairy production in Taiwan. The Farmers’ Association in Liuying District assisted the participants of Tian Ma Ma Program to make the fresh milk into all kinds of dairy products. Now there are more than 20 items available in the purchase order. <br/> <br/>Ne Ne Bao Traditional Rice and Noodles is next to the Farmers’ Association in Liuying District, Tainan. The store opens at 8 o’clock and the customers keep flowing in and they all have the steamed stuffed buns, steamed buns and a bottle of fresh milk in hand when they leave. <br/><br/>The Golden Steamed Stuffed Bun has the scrumptious fillings, the bamboo shoots, meats and mushrooms sautéed then sandwiched into the pumpkin dough. Asides from the traditional milk flavored products, there are Healthy Steamed Buns as well, the buns have the cereals, grains, pumpkin seeds, walnuts, almonds and lyciums that are tasty and rich in nutrition. Last but not least, Sesame Steamed Buns use the handmade sesame paste so that the flavor and quality are guaranteed. <br/><br/>These moms insist on using fresh milk and handmade products. There is a limited of 90 kg of fresh milk each day so that all products are made for sales of the day. The moms start making, packaging, and delivery from 7am and they can make 2,000 to 3,000 steamed buns and stuffed buns a day; very prolific!

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