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King Ming Chang Leisure Farm

A Few Words from the Owner

King Ming Chang Deer Ranch is registered and qualified by the government and has been honored as a Premier Deer Ranch in Taiwan for three consecutive years (from 2006 to 2008). We mostly breed Formosan Sambar deer, and every deer has passed the inspection by the Keelung City Government disease control center, so consumers can rest at ease. In addition to planting pasture grass, we import alfalfa grass to ensure that our deer are healthy and can give birth to quality fawns.


Bus: Take the leisure farm bus or the Malingkeng bus and get off at Madong Village.


GPS:E121 41.19

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Weather 陰短暫雨 陰短暫雨 陰短暫雨 陰短暫雨 陰短暫雨 多雲時陰 多雲
Highest Temperature℃ 24 24 24 24 24 22 22
Lowest Temperature℃ 23 23 22 22 22 19 20
Rainfall Probability 80% 50% 100% 0% 0% 0% 0%
10/05 Wednesday

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esor huang


esor huang

適合愛和動物互動的小朋友 猴子很親人 老闆娘親切



Yehudit Bannett

拿到農遊券,決定來到這個網路評價很不錯的農場來看看~年輕老闆非常親切也非常耐心跟我們介紹,這裡也是他們自己的家,農場小巧但是應有盡有,兒子很開心地餵魚餵羊餵鹿,還跟小猴子親密接觸呢!而老闆的父母更是親切,阿伯說剛好是小猴子的洗澡時間,讓兒子開了眼界看猴子洗澡,伯母聽到兒子想吃他們家地上那串很綠很綠的香蕉,二話不說剪了好幾根讓我們帶回家~ 從台北開車僅半個小時的車程,但是這裡的視野完全不同,彷彿進入我童年回憶常拜訪的阿公阿媽的南投山區,一切好純樸,甚至有點原始!很開心有緣遇到這個農場的主人們!