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Wen Liang Leisure Farm

A Few Words from the Owner

At Wen Liang Leisure Farm, we believe in quality over quantity, so we only receive a limited amount of tour groups. Our main crops include bamboo shoots, green bamboo shoots, and Chinese Bayberries. We also plant various mountain vegetables according to the season. Our crops are not only sold in the market, they are also offered to visitors for adoption. Visitors can cultivate, pick, and make their own products to enjoy the fun of ploughing and weeding with bare hands and feet and the contentment of a harvest. Every year our green bamboo shoots participate in the bamboo shoot evaluation contest of Keelung City, receiving awards almost every time. Our high quality green bamboo shoots are loved by our regular customers; whether cooked with soup or dressed cold, they can be made into a variety of delicious dishes. We welcome your orders! May is the growing season for Chinese Bayberries. This type of fruit, rich in vitamin C, is rarely seen in Taiwan; hence, the growing season is relatively short. Therefore, we advise those who are interested in Chinese Bayberries to not miss the growing season each year. We invite you to bring your children for an experience in picking Chinese Bayberries!


GPS:E121 40.52

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Weather 晴時多雲 多雲 多雲午後短暫雷陣雨 多雲 多雲 多雲 陰短暫陣雨或雷雨
Highest Temperature℃ 36 37 34 33 34 32 29
Lowest Temperature℃ 27 27 27 26 26 26 26
Rainfall Probability 0% 0% 60% 0% 0% 0% 0%
06/17 Thursday

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7 個月前

一個隱藏版的景點,穿過幽靜的樹林拉開序幕,春天採筍 秋採山藥,這是許多人未曾體驗過的,連山藥長得如何也不曾看過。這裡原始種的山藥超越了日本來的品種。

7 個月前

綠竹筍的品質是真的好, 雖然價格比市場的貴,但品質也是比市場的好很多!

Wissaa Yeh
8 個月前

老闆人很好 很親切 摘很多新鮮竹荀 跟吃檸檬芭樂 還可以認領山藥 下次再來採

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