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No.65, Longmu Rd., Dashu Dist., Kaohsiung City 840, Taiwan
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The Villa is a green space that combines nature, literature and art together based on the concept of...

Mingshan Villa

The Villa is a green space that combines nature, literature and art together based on the concept of “respecting nature and loving life”. The spaces inside the Villa are designed with a touch of Zenism and the name of each room and its decoration and plants inside are all decided with references from Chinese poetry and classical literature. Away from the hustle and bustle in the city, the Villa is the right place for you to enjoy peace of mind and feel at home—your home in the Utopia.

Red Bean Coffee Manor

To protect the environment and promote sustainable development, the owner of Red Bean Coffee Manor, Mr. Hong Jhih-chang, insists on using natural and organic methods of growing his coffee. With the fertile volcanic soil and good water in Dashu as well as Mr. Hong's perseverance and accumulation of experiences, the Manor offers visitors premium quality and single-origin coffee beans that can make aromatic and delicious coffee, which tastes just right with no sourness or bitterness and tastes even better after refrigeration.

Dongjso Hill Coffee

The Martial God Temple on Mt. Dongjhao in Dashu is the largest of its kind in Taiwan. The Temple itself is also a famous scenic spot that combines religious beliefs and leisure activities. If you walk uphill along the path in front of the Temple to the mountaintop, you will reach Dongjhao Hill Café, where you can have a beautiful panoramic view of the urban scenery of Kaohsiung on the right and the rustic scenery of the Pingtung Plain on the left. The view is particularly breathtaking during the sunset and at night with the city lights glistening down below.

Dragon Eyes Well

According to the Fengshan County Almanac, “The Jhuzihliao inside the Monkey Forest is where the Small Bamboo Bridge and the Buddha Mountain Villa meets. Also in this place, there are two connecting wells that look like a pair of dragon eyes. Therefore, they were named Dragon Eyes Wells.” The elders in Dashu also indicated, “The place where the two wells are located looks like the head of a dragon and the winding hills behind look like the body of the dragon.” Because of their location and the dragon-shaped hills in the surroundings, they were named as such.

Lin’s Farm

The Farm is composed of two areas. One is a demonstrative pasture with the best milk goats and the most advanced equipment in Taiwan to feed and take care of these goats in a healthy and environmentally friendly fashion. Another is a ranch for visitors to experience the life as a rancher and also learn more about grazing, insects and trees.

Charcoal Kiln

Dashu is a major growing and producing area of litchi in Taiwan. The branches of litchi and longan trees are recycled and burned inside the Kiln at 300-400 degrees Celsius to produce charcoals.<br/>The bottom of the Kiln is covered with fired bricks while the top is plastered with unfired clay and iron sheets or tiles are applied above the top to serve as the rain shelter. The white smoke meandering out of the Kiln's chimney and the strong scent of burning timber are parts of the unforgettable memories among the elders in Dashu.<br/>

Guzoliao Jhuang Family Historical

The House is a rectangular structure located on the top of Mt. Gupoliao. Surrounded by a forest of litchi trees, it is composed of seven halls and three rooms. It is of the traditional Sihheyuan (courtyard house) structure with “seven halls encircling three rooms”. The House can be divided into buildings constructed in the Cing Dynasty and buildings constructed during the Japanese occupation period. It is a rare ancient traditional building in Taiwan. A visit to the House can bring you back in time to appreciate the fine building skills and craftsmanship as early back as the Cing Dynasty.

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