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No.90, Liufen Rd., Waipu Dist., Taichung City 438, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

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Named after the special attraction of Waipu and the symbolic meaning of an aphorism, “women feed the...

Shuiliudong Leisure Agricultural Area

Named after the special attraction of Waipu and the symbolic meaning of an aphorism, “women feed their husbands with no gain as water flowing toward the east with no return,” Shuiliudong Leisure Agricultural Area has a variety of agricultural products and cultivates the best dragon fruit in Taiwan, wine grapes, seasonal vegetables and fruits, famous and delicious Hakka traditional food like rice, rice cake, and mochi. With the development of the domaine, this is the best area for agricultural tourism.

You can go to Tiger Paw Market to buy local products, experience wine making process, and share table under the grapevine provided by a local domaine. You can also visit local attractions including the most special one in this area, Husband and Wife Trees.

In addition, many visitors from different places are attracted to be here to visit the beauty of tung blossoms, taste the flavor of dragon fruit and the wine, le marathon du Medoc. Situated on the hill and also in a water conservation area, Shuiliudong Leisure Agricultural Area has its best view, the diligent local farmers living here.

Source:Seed Improvement and Propagation Station,COA Executive Yuan

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