Tainan Cit Dongshan Dist

Fairy Lake Leisure Farm


Fairy Lake Leisure Farm is located in Dongshan District, Tainan City, and occupies an area of 52 hectares. The farm has abundant mountains and forests. The sea of clouds that emerges amidst the mountains in the afternoon, with the golden sunlight in the background, is like a fairy lake. The farm provides accommodations, campsites, and barbeque and picnic sites.<br/><br/><br/>There are various insects found on the farm, including butterflies, fireflies, and beetles. At night, you can observe the nature of nocturnal insects, and from April to June, you will see jack-o-lanterns and fireflies dancing about.<br/><br/><br/>Fairy Lake Leisure Farm is famous for its sweet and juicy longan. Mandarin oranges, lychees, and various vegetables are also grown here. You can pick longan, buy baked dried longan, and longan honey, or make your own dried longan, pick fruit and vegetables, make scented tea and sachets, and savor delicious cuisine such as fried egg with pork, bleeding glorybower, high-fiber vegetable rolls, Brazilian fireweed with egg, and healthy chicken and vegetable hot pot. Remember to have some local Dongshan coffee after your meal!

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Lowest Temperature℃ 18 18 16 16 16 15 14
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frank Wu

風景不錯,但服務不佳!空有育嬰室卻連最基本的冷熱飲水機都沒有,還要另外跟櫃檯要熱開水,好像是擔心遊客會用你們的水來泡茶野餐不消費! 每次點了你們的午餐,飲料,點心都要消費幾大張,一直喝飲料也會膩好嗎?提供開水不是最基本的嗎?很少有人會大老遠跑上山只想用你們的水不消費吧!收費與服務不成正比!貴農場小有規模卻沒有企業經營者該有的氣度!

frank Wu
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很漂亮的景點 不過餐點要等候很久 小孩子有綠地,戲水區 很值得一遊的地方

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春節期間 門票150不能折抵消費 沒有告知 打電話詢問是否營業時 只叫我們直接來 不需要訂位 結果到的時候人太多 餐飲太少 帶著兩歲的小孩 結果只能讓小孩餓肚子 且餐廳只營業到兩點 非常不推

karen chaio
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1、適合帶孩子來玩耍的好去處,可以玩沙、玩水、大片草皮、小動物。 2、景觀餐廳的餐點對我個人來說CP值不高。蔬菜是自助自己燙的,主餐的份量少,對正在發育的兒童或成年人來說會吃不飽。 3、天氣好的時候往遠處看山巒,風景秀麗怡人。