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Dakeng Leisure Farm

Dakeng Leisure Farm was opened in 2001 and it is a famous destination for holidays and vacations. With a vast area, it offers comprehensive services, including B&B, camping, cottages with steam rooms and SPA facilities. And the restaurant was officially a Tian Ma Ma Restaurant in 2007. The boss lady, Yu-Nv CHEN and her daughter, Jia-Ru CAI, who loves cooking work together with their classmates in the Home Economics Program and make the creative dishes.

Baked Shrimp and Sweet Potato
“Baked Shrimp and Sweet Potato” is a dish with shrimp and baked sweet potato; the shrimp makes the baked sweet potato modern and fashion all of a sudden. The potherbs in the neighborhood of the farm also play an important role in the cooking. There are sautéed fern, madeira vine, diplazium esculentum & gracilaria, garland chrysanthemum, elephant grass, talinum trianglare (Jacy.) willd., and portulaca oleracea etc. in the menu. These potherbs are rich in fibers, and the Tian Ma Ma uses potherbs and anchovies to make the “potherb and anchovy broth”-- the soup looks like a green pond and the pleasant smell and silky taste makes it a delicious dish rich in vitamin C and calcium.
Drumstick with Pineapple Juice
“Drumstick with Pineapple Juice” uses the free ranch chickens raised in the farm. The fried drumstick is then sautéed with the sweet and sour pineapple, the feature product in Longci District, and finally topped with sesames; the sweet and sour taste really whets the appetite. “Baked Oldham Bamboo Shoot” is the specialty in Longci District, and it is only available in the harvest season. The fresh, sweet and tender Oldham bamboo shoot baked with cheese and mayonnaise creates an even better mouth feel.
Rice and Ma Bamboo Shoot in the Bamboo Tube

“Rice and Ma Bamboo Shoot in the Bamboo Tube” is the signature dish. It is rice pre-cooked with pork, ma bamboo shoot, mushrooms and carrot dices and then all stuffed into the bamboo tube to cook thoroughly. It is an improved dish from that of traditional times. The dish takes time so it is recommended to make a reservation if there are many people to savor the rice dish.

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Dennis Koh

Nondescript place for family outings. There's a restaurant at the farm that serves delicious food at moderate prices. The flying fox ride was fun!

Dennis Koh


1 週前

景色清幽 門票200、可抵150元 咖啡好喝😘

Nita Chang
2 個月前

小黑蚊跟不知名蟲咬得全身都是,到現在三天了還全退不了,園區明知有此問題卻不願意做消毒,提供的防蚊液又完全沒效,每個遊客都被叮的哇哇叫。 房間設備與清潔度跟房價不成正比,設備也很老舊沒有維護,游泳池水很髒! 還把小雞放在外面任由遊客追逐,小雞都快嚇死了,工作人員也沒有任何處理。 花同樣的錢絕對可以去住更有人性,更好的度假村。

‘s Oil Taylor
3 個月前

大坑休閒農場是一處由傳統農畜轉變成休閒型態的農場,一家三代長居在此,進到農場就可感受到親切的人情味,群山環抱,佔地非常廣大,是前往觀看二寮日出雲海時不可錯過的地點。 除保留原有農村景物外,沿著周邊山勢開闢了安全的健走登山步道,還有運動休閒的活動設施,走累肚子餓的話還有農場的獨門鋼管雞等各項山珍料理美味可以補充體力。 近年接班農場經營的三位美女姊妹花更是致力於園區的美化,浪漫的鵝黃色歐式原木屋,冷熱皆有的山泉游泳池SPA,且運用許多花草植物讓整個農場呈現如小歐洲般的風光,農場內的草地可見許多可愛的小動物自在活動著,有如山林間的小小烏托邦,種種元素都讓許多遠道而來的遊客停不住相機的快門。