Tainan Cit Liuying Dist

Nan Yuan Garden Resort Farm


Nan Yuan Garden Resort Farm is located on an area of over 30 hectares in Liuying District of Tainan City. The farm is divided into three ecosystems and 91 scenic spots.

The forest ecosystem has more than 2,000 polar, temperate, and tropical plants, over 200,000 tall trees, and a 10 km-long forest trail. The farm is its own large biological kingdom!

The lake ecosystem has six natural lakes where you can fish, take a boat ride, see the waterfall, play golf, and see over a hundred rare birds.

The farm ecosystem also includes green grasslands where you can run and fly kites. The Taiwan Island imitates the geology of the whole of Taiwan with flowers and plants representing each county, city, and river, great for educational field trips.

The Evergreen Restaurant features unique dishes by Nan Yuan Garden Resort Farm. You can taste Jiangnan-style cuisine, such as the Autumn maple tree chicken, fried manjack and spleenwort, steamed Marble Goby, and skygazer with bamboo.

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Jason Kuo
2 週前

不推薦到常綠餐廳用餐 4/18(日)中午用餐 餐廳部建議12點前進場 我們約莫11點20~30進場 是第一桌客人 出完茄苳雞跟魚後便沒再出菜 11:50見遊覽車遊客陸續進場後詢問服務人員並催菜才說還要再等一下... 等到餐廳都滿了,菜還是沒來 這種消費挺不值得。

Jason Kuo
3 週前


minchiao liao
7 個月前


tatsuo yang
9 個月前

意想不到的好逛好玩 ,但門票貴了些 ,若便宜些 ,不用去溪頭塞車人擠人 ,來這就可避暑過一天。

9 個月前