Chiayi Count Minxiong Townshi

Sontenkan Living Ideas Farm


Sontenkan Living Ideas Farm is located in Chiayi’s Minxiong Township on an area of 12 hectares. The Bali-style design and stone sculptures are the most notable features of this farm.

Multiple services and activities are available on the farm, ranging from accommodations, camping, barbeque, water splashing, paintball target shooting, and archery, to family shows, ladyboy (kathoey) shows, and ecological tours, among others.

The largest outdoor palm tree garden has sugar palms, African oil palms for making palm oil, triangle palms, foxtail palms, and even nipa palms that grow in the water. There are also many kinds of pineapples. By the Bali pavilion at the farm’s parking lot entrance, there is a huge pineapple made from thousands of the world’s smallest earth stars.

At the vanilla workshop, you can experience the fun of creating handmade essential oil soap, painted penholders, chimes, jelly candles, and lucky crystal bottles.

The rainforest restaurant has local seasonal dishes, while the Mongolian barbecue restaurant has an all-you-can-eat buffet of their unique barbecue dishes and pork with pickled cabbage hot pot.

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