Changhua Count Puxin Townshi

Magical Mushrooms Tribe Leisure Farm


Magical Mushrooms Tribe Leisure Farm is located in Puxin, Changhua. Wander about the green grasslands and visit the Q-Yo Bio-technology Farm Mushroom Production Warehouse with a tour guide to learn about mushroom ecosystems and experience the vivid and colorful world of fungus. There are also many ecological zones—the aquatic plant zone, beetle ecological zone, tree zone, nectariferous plant zone, parasitic plant zone, amphibian plant zone, and native freshwater fish ecological zone—in which visitors can expand their knowledge of nature.

You can also grow your own mushrooms to experience the life of a mushroom farmer, or express your creativity by painting your own mushroom figurine.

The Magical Mushrooms Tribe Leisure Farm restaurant has cathedral ceilings and incorporates unique mushroom shapes. The cuisine is made with healthy ingredients such as fresh mushrooms, local organic vegetables, and Shennong Award-winning yogurt pork and the restaurant offers a variety of hotpot choices including Hokkaido milk hotpot, Hokkaido Japanese kombu hotpot, and healthy herbal hotpot. The exhibition center sells various mushroom healthcare products.

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