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Ya iku vineyards

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Weather 晴時多雲 多雲時晴 晴時多雲 晴時多雲 多雲時晴 晴時多雲
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02/22 Saturday

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4 個月前


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Chen chien-wen
1 年前

賴主人很親切 為我們詳細解釋他土地上的每一寸草地 感謝

Loong Lee
1 年前

Family run B&B, owner's grape knowledge is German-trained. We enjoy our short stay there with beautifully landscaped garden. We had home-grown vegetables and meat for dinner, as well as homemade breakfast cooked by the grandma. Delicious, on top of that we had tea made from 3 type of homegrown plants which was fragrant and fruity! We were fortunate this stay to have grapes after few years of failed harvest due to weather. Grapes are sweet and and juicy! Should come during June or January when summer and where winter grapes are ripe for harvest

junglung Cheng
1 年前