Taichung Cit Shigang Dist

Tamarind Ecological Education Leisure Farm


Tamarind Ecological Education Leisure Farm is located in Shigang, Taichung. Due to its high altitude, you can overlook the Dajia River and Shihgang Dam and gaze into the distance at the beautiful Guandao and Manabang Mountains. The farm offers ecological experiences, accommodations, and dining services, as well as a botanical garden perfect for school field trips.

Tamarind Farm preserves its natural ecosystem with microorganisms. It has restored ecosystems for butterflies, Japanese rhinoceros beetles, and stag beetles. Visitors can listen to the croaking of tree frogs, learn about non-toxic ponkan trees, admire peacocks, golden pheasants, and Taiwan geese, partake in gardening activities, and make rare seed accessories.The farm has preserved its original trees and railroad tie trail and planted more than 700 rare plants from all over the world for everyone to appreciate and breathe in the fresh forest air.

The scenic green restaurant is especially built so that the large trees can grow indoors without any disruption in a naturally ventilated environment. The restaurant mainly features unique, creative, and healthy Hakka dishes, such as healthy drunken chicken cooked with rich herbs, goat milk chicken soup, and tamarind ribs.

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Chien-Lun Hsu


Chien-Lun Hsu


1 週前

每道菜都很用心,很好吃,雅文很親切接待每一位客人,雖然比較偏僻,但來了絕不會讓你失望,超推。 目前採預約制記得先預約哦

li63380070@exmple.com li
1 週前

現在是採預約制 可先跟老板預約 餐點美味 每盤都掃光 親切的服務 每次來都感覺時間過好快 轉眼天黑了 有住宿哦!

Eddy Chiu
1 年前

老闆對於花草植物以及昆蟲生態有獨到的知識 雖然是植物茂盛的地方 但蚊蟲非常少 餐點也有特色 用完餐後還可以走一走 並遠眺石岡以及大甲溪 相當不錯的地方~