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orz shrimp (Hao Xia) club

orz shrimp (Hao Xia) club

In order to bring back the honor and attention to this land, 8 young men born in the 80’s moved back to their hometown and founded Orz Shrimp Club. Hao Xia (good shrimp) refer to raising good shrimp, while 好 Hao 瞎 Xia (crazy and different) also means that the raising method is crazy and different. And 冏 (Jiong) Orz represents the breaking of the traditions. The owner A-Zheng insists on the raising method which coexists with the nature. No extraction of groundwater to damage the environment, no chemicals to prolong the life of the shrimps, a fully natural growing environment for the fishes and shrimps. The health shrimp is always sweet with soft and firm texture. The shrimp farms built by A-Zheng and his partners are open to the public. You can also follow the professional guide to experience the shrimp raising process.

Source:inhu Leisure Farms Development Association of Kouhu Township

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建議假日來訪 目前有公車從高鐵嘉義站直達 假日一小時一班 平日就單純拍照看魚塭

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雖然蝦子不賞臉(2隻); 但仍可帶回報名組數的冷凍蝦。 雙人菜色990,有點小貴; 但口味不差,又無毒;是可以接受的。