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Hukou Village, Kouhu Township, Yunlin County (in front of the Radio Taiwan International) (The entrance of the cycle route is next to the Second Chenglong Bridge on Provincial Highway No. 17)

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Hukou Wetland is near the estuary with plentiful ecological resources. The residents mainly earns th...

Hukou Wetland

Hukou Wetland is near the estuary with plentiful ecological resources. The residents mainly earns their livings from aquaculture and the sea, which creates the unique local view of scattered fish farms. In this area, it is common to see the plastic oyster rafts moored around or anglers catching with rod and line or cast net. Hukou cycle route connects the original industrial road and the access road of Taiwan Sugar Farm and is part of the Kouhu Cycle Network. When biking or walking on this route, you can enjoy the view of natural grass and wetland accompanied with the egrets and seabirds flying alongside. The detention basin is completed and will be combined with Southwest Coast National Scenic Area in the future to offer a more comprehensive leisure space.<br/>

Source:inhu Leisure Farms Development Association of Kouhu Township

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Weather 晴時多雲 多雲 多雲 晴時多雲 多雲 陰陣雨 陰陣雨
Highest Temperature℃ 32 32 32 32 32 32 30
Lowest Temperature℃ 25 25 25 25 24 25 26
Rainfall Probability 20% 20% 20% 0% 0% 0% 0%
晴時多雲 25-32°C Rainfall Probability20%

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Sabrina Chu
1 個月前

如果你抱著賞鳥生態可以來走走⋯⋯ 地域不大,建議往裏走安靜的觀察生態會有不同的收獲

2 個月前


Phoebe Yu
5 個月前

地層下陷海水倒灌後形成另一種地理景色.... 電影候鳥來的季節的取景 岸邊垃圾有點多,請不要亂丟垃圾

Shih-Hung Hsu
8 個月前


1 年前

原有條寬1.5M產業道路 雲林第一條因陸沈而封閉道路 一整排高壓電線桿 現都變矗立在海水中成為特殊景觀

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