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chenglong Wetlands

chenglong Wetlands

Chenglong Wetland is plentiful with ecological resources, including the red-tailed shrike, little tern and so on protected species. There are nearly 100 bird species from 30 families frequently nesting here. It is quite common to see little egrets fly in flocks, and sometimes you can even see mandarin ducks or water ducks swimming around. During sunset hours, the falling sun and the flying gulls make up a gorgeous scene in the wetland ecological area. In winter, it is very possible to see the migratory bird – the black-faced spoonbills. The wetland contains many fishes, shrimps and shellfishes which attracts birds to come for food. Chenglong wetland is not only a precious ecological environment in Taiwan, the annual Cheng Long Wetlands International Art Project also shows the various possibilities of this precious wetland.<br/>

Source:inhu Leisure Farms Development Association of Kouhu Township

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