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chen Xuan Mao rural Village Museum

chen Xuan Mao rural Village Museum

Xuan-Mao Chen has expanded his painting teaching classroom and turned it into a rural village museum, just to rebuild the rural scene from his childhood memories. In the museum exhibited the collections of rural objects, with a yard of rural and fish-village style outside that is decorated with driftwoods and clam shells, which forms an atmosphere of the good old times. When the northeast monsoon blows gently, the oyster shell strings clatter on the high wooden telephone pole, together with the angling scene at the fish farms vividly forms a fish-village scenario. The water buffalo made of concrete and oyster shells works hard to carry an ox cart and stays quietly next to the fish farm, waiting for the host to come home. Through his great taste of art, Mr. Chen not only fulfills his own dream, but also brings back the childlike mind to all the visitors.

Source:inhu Leisure Farms Development Association of Kouhu Township

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2 年前

園區外面景觀屬開放空間,最主要以在地廢棄的蚵貝為素材,塑造各類型動生物造型,結合農漁村生態為訴求特色,盼能拋磚引玉遍及全鄉而成蚵貝藝術鄉鎮。 館內物件雜置原則上不開放,如需要請先聯繫!

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