Yunlin Count Kouhu Townshi

Koufu Mullet Roe

Golden Royal Roe

Called as “Uncle Mullet,” Huan-Yi Tseng has devoted to mullet roe processing technique for over 20 years in order to promote the local mullet roe. After naturally dried via the sufficient exposure to sunlight and the Northeast Monsoon, Koufu (the luck to have nice food to eat) Mullet Roe is then produced through strict manufacturing process, creating a silky texture with pleasant aroma which keep the nostalgia flavor for the residents working outside their hometown. Uncle Mullet also developed Mullet Floss and Mullet Sauce, which have deeply impressed the gourmets. Meanwhile, Uncle Mullet keep improving the local aquaculture industry. The mullets, shrimps and groupers raised by Uncle Mullet are all certificated by “Traceability Certification and Inspection Center” of National Taiwan Ocean University, which assure the product quality and build-up a great reputation.

Source:inhu Leisure Farms Development Association of Kouhu Township

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季節的顏色+季節性的美味 沿海的貧瘠土地,鹽分含量太高的特性,卻也因禍得福造就養殖業的純熟,烏魚子的油香美味,絕對是老天爺的禮物,也是雲林的驕傲。

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