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sea treasure Food corporation

the Flavor lasts for sixty Years – the traditional Mullet roe

The grand appearance of Sea Treasure Food Corporation’s building also represents its leading status in Mullet process industry. The owner Jin-Wen Lee insists on the traditional processing skill which lasts for over 30 years, and the unique product “Traditional Mullet Roe” was even selected as the Best Gift from Yunlin County in 2007.<br/>In order to transform the business into leisure and tourism environment, the corporation also provides tour for visiting and experiencing the manufacturing process, as well as activities for elementary and high schools. “Flaming Dance of Mullet Roe” allows the visitors to experience the mullet roe baking with Kaoliang (sorghum wine) of 58% abv, which creates silky and solid texture and pleasant aroma. Try the mullet roe with radish, pesto, apple or Japanese pear will bring you various flavors. The manufacturing process usually starts in the morning so welcome to make a reservation!<br/>

Source:inhu Leisure Farms Development Association of Kouhu Township

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