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Jinhu temple of Myriad Benefits

Jinhu temple of Myriad Benefits

Jinhu Wan Shan Ye Temple is located at the east side of Provincial Highway No. 17. The Qian Shui Zhuang Ritual, held every June 8th of Lunar Calendar, is a striking event in Taiwan and also one of the most important folk activities in the coastal area of Kouhu township. Jinhu Wan Shan Ye Temple has been approved as the cultural heritage by Council for Cultural Affairs (CCA) for preservation and is certificated with “Important Custom and Related Cultural Heritage” by CCA in 2010.

Source:inhu Leisure Farms Development Association of Kouhu Township

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09/26 Sunday

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沒進去 是在旁邊如廁 廁所還特別蓋一間 很豪華 進去好像廢墟 雜草叢生 茅廁髒污 枉然啊

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因為在廟的對面 開了家西濱快速公路第一家休息站 才 不得已靠近這陰廟。我沒進去過廟內 只從外圍過境 🤔