Miaoli Count Shitan Townshi

Owl Leisure Farm


In March 2003, a group of locals from Shitan Township in Miaoli County who were passionate about owls established a common home for all owl lovers. This house not only provides sanctuary to injured owls, but also endeavors to espouse the conservation concept of “Love Owls, Love Nature” to more people. This concept is consequently conveyed through outdoor ecological classrooms, where ecological teaching methods are adopted to introduce owl types, their characteristics, and their habits to visitors. The owl farm is also equipped with multimedia classrooms, a campsite, and an outdoor ecological park, offering comprehensive ecological education and guidance. In addition, the site further features professional instructors who teach the local production of recycled paper, which uses the vegetation within the farm to produce scented paper. This paper is then stamped with the owl symbol, and the farm also offers ceramic owl ornaments of various colors. Through ecological aesthetics and environmental protection education, the owl farm endeavors to teach children to love and cherish nature.<br/><br/>The farm ranch is equipped with multi-media classrooms and campgroungs, and there are dedicated personnel to provide a series of tours on the owl ecosystems. In this facility, you'll tour the owl habitat, get to know the owl species, and listen to owl hoots. As the season changes, you can also see fireflies, pick strawberries and oranges, or have a barbecue, camp out, and do some outdoor climbing. The cativities offered in this ranch are fun and very appropriated for the whole family to join and have fun, Of course, this is also an excellent venue for outdoor ecological teaching and group tourism.

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採預約制 因貓頭鷹是保育動物 所以沒有真的貓頭鷹可看 適合小孩到此一遊

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很棒的導覽,餐點很有媽媽味,很好吃 再糟的塗鴉劉老師都能化腐朽為神奇👍

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