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No.43-3, Xiping, Zhuolan Township, Miaoli County 369, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
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Occupying an area of 3.2 hectares in Zhuolan, Miaoli, Flower Home Leisure Farm boasts open spaces an...


Occupying an area of 3.2 hectares in Zhuolan, Miaoli, Flower Home Leisure Farm boasts open spaces and abundant trees, flowers, and gardens, as well as the exquisite essential oil castle. Flower Home Leisure Farm is a quality leisure farm that combines nature and ecology.<br/><br/>The medicinal herb area and essential oil museum display tools used in years past for making citronella and camphor oils.<br/><br/>Visitors can learn about essential oils and the extraction process, and also purchase ready-made products. Or if you prefer, make your own tea tree oil mosquito repellent or tea tree and aloe lotion.<br/><br/>The flower area sells various kinds of herbs, rieger begonias, Persian cyclamen, orchids, and pines. The farm also provides potted plant designing and flower arrangement services. The cactus area has all sorts of succulents, and you can make your own cactus pots.<br/><br/>Meals here include set meals prepared with a variety of herbs and rose. You can also take a bamboo basket to the garden and pick your own fresh herbal tea.

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還不錯啦 可是動物好少...難過...

2 週前

入場參觀費且抵消費100元,滿不錯的,風光景緻不錯!種植各式各樣,為數不少的的花種,還能住宿 住宿的大廳有著東南亞 巴厘島的裝潢風情 主要是以精油為主 有完整的歷史跟製程過程 以及能花錢體驗足療 適合拍些風景照 提供餐廳餐點 有著一個小湖 有錦鯉跟兩隻鵝 會噴水霧 為整體環境加分不少 能在此悠閒的坐著一下午 cp值提高的一個地方...............................!

Pin-Cheng Lai
1 個月前

來的時候已經錯過花季,當天天氣陰天。由於地處較山中,黑蚊較多,建議到此遊玩可著長褲,並且使用防蚊液,不然會被叮得滿身胞。 園區中著重於花草及精油,所以可以看到較常用於萃取精油的花種。但錯過花季之後,可看性隨就下降很多,建議挑選花季時前往。 甜點及下午茶,口味上的接受度不高,蛋糕硬邦邦的,吃起來像狀元糕!好險奶茶還可以接受!除了口味上較不討喜外,在蚊子的叮咬下也較沒辦法一直聊下去,想悠哉的喝下午茶,是一個很大的挑戰! 但服務人員的熱情,還有他們親切感,不得不給予肯定。但整體餐點上建議再做調整,或許可以些許加分。

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