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Nanfangao is the largest isthmus along Taiwan’s western coastline. It is connected to Su-ao Harbor, ...

Nanfangao is the largest isthmus along Taiwan’s western coastline. It is connected to Su-ao Harbor, with natural geographical layouts. The Black Tide that flows pass Nanfangao’s outer seas provides an abundance of migrating fish, forming natural fish grounds. The shoreline scenery of the Nanfangao region includes capes, reefs, cliffs, caves, isthmus, bays, and shores.

The coastline along Nanfangao is classified as an erosion coast, so the appearance of a sandbanks is irregular. However, a small island acted as a barrier in the region, causing a sandbank to form from the large amounts of sand that settled behind the island. The sand dune connected with the mainland, forming an isthmus. From the mountains the isthmus is seen as a series of small dunes lying horizontally across the sea, with heights reaching no more than 100 meters. Saddle landforms are obvious, especially between the three dunes to the right, which together form the shape of a pen holder. Hence, the locals call this area “Pen Holder Mountain”.

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一路上的風景超美 觀景台可以看到港口排列整齊的船 非常療癒的地方

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南方澳觀景臺; 超過三十年之後,再一次路過此地,現在的設施更好了;因為蘇花公路的進步改善,由蘇澳到東澳已經另闢一條嶄新的公路,只需要17分鐘,而這一段已經變成副路9丁了,保存著當年的崎嶇蜿蜒,只剩下大卡車轟隆隆的往來著; 在南方澳觀景臺稍作停留,遠眺蘇澳港,也許是因為颱風即將來襲,所有的漁船都回到港區,大家排排站、靠緊緊,由山上俯瞰下去,像極了火柴盒小汽車,甚至是可愛; 時代當然會進步、當然是往前看,只是在匆匆忙忙的奔馳之間,如果時間許可,別忘了路經此慢行、停留、駐足,看看山、看看水、也想想自己;

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