Pingtung Count Fangliao Townshi

Fangliao Fish Harbor

Fishing ponds under the sunset, the reflection of light on water, and white egret and night heron resting on the horsetail tree are some of the things you will see during your visit to Fangliao. The Elderly Beach without dikes is the only place of its kind that you can find on the West Coast of Taiwan.

Walking on the beach, you will know its distinct charm. Here you will be able to have the hands-on experience of fishing with ancient fishing gear and know the fishing skills and the ecology of Milkfish, providing a good opportunity for visitors to understand the importance of co-existence of culture and nature.

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Weather 晴時多雲 晴時多雲 多雲 晴時多雲 晴時多雲 晴午後短暫雷陣雨
Highest Temperature℃ 34 34 33 32 33 33
Lowest Temperature℃ 26 27 27 27 26 26
Rainfall Probability 0% 0% 0% 0% 0% 0%
05/15 Saturday

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小漁港.新鮮貨 還有乾貨也新鮮好吃😋ㄝ