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320 Longcyuan Rd., Wencyuan Village, Beinan Township, Taitung County

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Situated in the Jhihbennei Hot Springs area southwest of Taitung City, Jhihben National Forest Recre...

Situated in the Jhihbennei Hot Springs area southwest of Taitung City, Jhihben National Forest Recreational Area spans 110 hectares, ranges from125 to 650 meters above sea level, and has a mean annual temperature of about 22 oC, Dense forests and Jhihben Creek pass through the entrance to this area. With such a beautiful environment, Jhihbennei has become a famous tourist site in Taitung.

This area is bounded by a river bed and a mountain ridge. Steep slopes make this area perfect for hiking on Forest Bath Trail, Hero Hill Trail and Ficus Shade Trail. Most trails are constructed in the dense forest; however, visitors can look down to Zhiben Creek, to an endless ridge, and even to Taitung City through the open space along the trails. The wood-paved trail along Jhihben Creek is on the way to Jhihben Falls, which hass two narrow, parallel streams. Looking out to the falls and taking deep breath from the waterfall platform makes visitors feel very relaxed.

Jhihben Forest Recreation Area

The Jhihben National Forest Recreation Area is about 20km from Taitung City, it is easily accessible.Surrounded on three sides by mountains,the Recreation Area is separated from the Hot Spring Hotel Area by Jhihben River.The Recreation Area overflows with animal and plant resources with its broad land and proper climate condition. Forest,river,suspension bridge,waterfall,butterfly,bird,flower and hot spring,altogether create its green fascination. <br/>


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Mon.~Fri.—Adults NT$80, Children NT$50, Concession NT$10; Weekends & Holidays—Adults NT$100, Children NT$50, Concession NT$10

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Weather 晴時多雲 晴時多雲 晴時多雲 多雲短暫雨 晴時多雲 多雲短暫雨 多雲時晴
Highest Temperature℃ 30 30 30 30 30 29 30
Lowest Temperature℃ 22 22 22 21 21 22 22
Rainfall Probability 0% 20% 20% 0% 0% 0% 0%
晴時多雲 22-30°C Rainfall Probability0%

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往山頂稷線步道失修封閉, 只能半山腰走一圈 只有幾欉可觀的榕樹外, 沒有驚艷的景!





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Jimmy Su
4 週前

非常棒的風景點,來知本不可錯過。80元門票絕對值得!好漢坡年輕人可挑戰一下,近千階的筆直階梯真的很有挑戰性。目前(2018年)900階附近已封閉,但視野可遠眺知本及台東,非常值得。親子活動十分合適,但因森林中螞蟻較多,需要注意設施是否已被"佔據"。 此次我們是全家前來,上至90歲,下至兩歲,皆有各處適合遊憩點。其中有體能性的遊樂設施,維設完善,幼稚園以上孩童、學生皆可使用。 特色:風景美、遮蔭多、設施齊全、可借輪椅。 適合對象:情侶、閤家、親子、老年人。 收費:65歲以上10元,台東在籍50元,外縣市80元。

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