Hualien Count Ruisui Townshi

Fuyuan National Forest Recreation Area

Situated in Fuyuan Village of Rueisuei Township in Hualien County, Fuyuan National Forest Recreation Area ranges from 225 to 750 meters above sea level, spans 191 hectares, and has a mean annual temperature 23 oC. Unique environmental conditions such as dense forests, clear air, and clean streams make this area the best eco-tourist destination in eastern Taiwan.

Since the geology of this area is formed by Tertiary metamorphic rocks with various shapes and colors, the giant rocks in Fuyuan Creek are very colorful. There are magnificent cliffs upstream that even have a suspension bridge across the creek. Fuyuan Falls let out cool anions from atop the cliffs. A small canyon, with forest to either side, is the most beautiful natural landscape. The slope downstream is less steep. Its water is crystal blue and the rocks nearby are white and gray.


Opening hours:08:00~22:00
Adults NT$100, Concession NT$60

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Weather 多雲午後短暫雷陣雨 多雲午後短暫雷陣雨 多雲午後短暫雷陣雨 多雲午後短暫雷陣雨 陰時多雲短暫陣雨或雷雨 多雲時陰短暫陣雨或雷雨 陰短暫陣雨或雷雨
Highest Temperature℃ 35 34 35 34 33 34 34
Lowest Temperature℃ 25 24 25 25 25 24 24
Rainfall Probability 30% 40% 90% 0% 0% 0% 0%
07/27 Tuesday