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Hehuanshan National Forest Recreation Area

Hehuanshan (Mt. Hehuan) is situated in the area neighboring the Hualien and Nantou Counties. It is the watershed for several major rivers in Taiwan including Dajia, Zhoshui, and Liwu Rivers. The steep 457-hectare area is situated between 2300 and 3400 meters above sea level, at the highest elevation of any of the National Taiwan Forest Recreation Areas. At a mean annual temperature of only 6ºC, Hehuanshan has cool summers and cold winters. It is the best place to enjoy mountain flowers, winter whites, and the mountain terrain landscape.

The nearby alpines of Hehuan Main Peak, East Peak, North Peak, West Peak, Shimen Mountain, Shimen North Peak, and Hehuanjian Moutain are all well-known. Since they are each higher than 3,000 meters in elevation, these mountains are challenging to climb. Subsequently, they are the considered some of the best mountains for climbing, each earning designations among the “Top Hundred Peaks”. To the distance, the landscape consists of Qilailienfeng, Nanhutaishan and Chungyanjian Mountains of the Central Mountain range. This magnificent mountain landscape is very endearing. Due to low temperatures in winter, (in January, the coldest month, the mean average temperature is -1.2ºC), it snows each time that a cold front arrives. Snow-covered firs and icicles make this area the best place for enjoying the snow. Since the area is situated at a high elevation seemingly very close to the clouds, visitors can look up to observe the magnificent sunrise, sea of clouds, and sunset glow, all of which are unique views in Taiwan. On clear autumn days, stratus, cirrus and cumulus clouds float amongst each other, as if they are intermixing and mingling. Since this area is dark with minimal light, it has become the best mountain location for watching the stars in Taiwan.

Away in the cloud : Hehuanshan National Forest Recreation Area
The first sun rays at dawn illuminate the inimitable atmosphere of high mountains. The slouching plants are throwing off the overnight chill. Refraining is the key to survive at this moment. All the abstaining is just for the sparkling of vitality during a season. This is how wildlife greets each day in Hehuan Mountain.


Opening hours:24 hours

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