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Guanwu National Forest Recreation Area

Guanwu (Fog-Watching) National Forest Recreation Area is situated in Wufen Township near Hsinchu and Taian Townships in Miaoli, upstream of Daan and Tochien Rivers. This 907-hectare area ranges in elevation from 2,000 to 2,500 meters above sea level and is constantly enveloped by fog and clouds. Its climate is cool in winter and warm in summer with a mean annual temperature of13oC. In summer, it is the best place to visit in northern Taiwan.

Except for the area immediately surrounding the Guanwu cabins, most of this area is hilly. Due to its open terrain, visitors can enjoy an impressive view of endless peaks. This “Holy Ridgeline” of the Snow Mountain range makes for a stunning landscape. Among all of the mountains, the barrel-shaped Dabajian Mountain has been deemed the “Summit of the Century.” Although there are few waterfalls at mid-high elevation in Taiwan, the impressive 30-meter high Guanwu Waterfall beneath the giant trees is an example of one. In the afternoon, this misty area is usually enveloped by fog and clouds. At times, the fog produces an almost mysterious atmosphere, and at others, low fog produces a beautiful ocean of clouds. Masses of clouds, mountains, and forests make up the typical landscape in Formosa. Guanwu is like a microcosm of this gorgeous Formosan view.


pening hours:    07:00~17:00
Due to typhoon damage, the Dalu Forest Trail is temporarily closed.
Note: Guanwu is in a controlled access area. Visitors need to bring ID and apply for a permit to enter the mountain area.

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11/26 Thursday

旅客評價 (Google Map)

Mu-Du Tseng
1 週前


Mu-Du Tseng
2 週前

1.觀霧瀑布森林浴步道 雖然走到盡頭瀑布風景還好, 但步道過程其實蠻美的, 且因樹林環繞遮了太陽相當舒服, 挑戰性高(累)~值得一試。 2.其他不足之處: 可能是因為不收門票, 裡面餐飲貴貴選擇也少, 有餐廳(合菜、套餐),也有販賣部, 販賣部東西很少,沒有泡麵, 販賣的輕食(鬆餅之類的)要等到餐廳休息才會開賣, 當時只買了餅乾跟運動飲料果腹, 我覺得東西可以買貴一點沒關係,一定會有人買單, 因為去玩的人也有部分是走完步道的補充體力, 沒有要多停留吃餐廳, 但為了餐廳而不賣泡麵或者其他熱食、輕食就...., 非常建議自備食物, 本次活動是行程結束後去其他地方覓食。

3 週前


1 個月前

觀霧國家森林公園,要去觀霧不管是,一日遊,或者是兩日遊,都可以唷,如是一日遊,記得要早點出發,因為那裡天氣,一般都是到中午過後,就會起霧唷,上面視野很不錯,可看雲海,神木區,天氣好也能看到大霸尖山的英姿,雄偉,狀麗唷,如果是兩日遊,腳程好點的人,第二天早晨,還可以去爬遊樂中心,對面甑山唷 ,他唯一的缺點,就是住宿費用貴了一點,

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