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Peikuan Resort Leisure Farm


Peikuan Resort Leisure Farm is located in the mountains of Gengxin, Toucheng Township, Yilan County, and has a view of the ocean. The 100-hectare farm is rich in natural landscape and provides half-day, one-day, and two-day package tours.<br/><br/><br/>Pick oranges, tankans, kumquats, and peaches in the orchards or take a relaxing walk in the forest and admire the rare butterflies in the butterfly ecological trail. Each year in May and June, you can see fireflies shining along the 4km trail.<br/><br/><br/>There is pure mountain spring water coming from the Xueshan Range. The farm has a water trail, waterslide, and mountain spring pool for people of all ages to soak and have fun in the water.<br/><br/><br/>Visit the largest and only crab museum in Taiwan. Here you will be introduced to a collection of over 700 species of live crabs and specimens. The sea world themed crab café in the museum has dining tables that are also aquariums full of fish. Isn’t that special?What’s more, you can also screen print your own crab t-shirt and paint crabs!

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11/24 Tuesday

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我是在2018年10月6日來此一遊,這裡是頭城農場再往裡面走,有超大一片停車位,還蠻適合來深度旅遊的,有羊可以餵,還可以爬山,夏天可玩水,賞螢,烤肉,兒童球池,溜滑梯,盪鞦韆,咖啡無限暢飲,有提供住宿,風景美,空氣好,路程也不遠,因為已經經營20年,主體建築物維持不易,但園區乾淨,還有泡泡可以玩,小孩光在溜滑梯,球池,盪鞦韆,玩泡泡,餵山羊就待了半天,因為玩到肚子餓才離開,後面還有一大片都沒去,但園區好像要事先訂才有供餐的樣子,不然還是有販賣部可以買零食泡麵,飲料除了咖啡還有茶 ,開水,金吉茶是無限供應的,適合團體來辦活動,主建物的餐廳可以開50桌以上,也提供舉辦婚禮,還有一棟螃蟹博物館,但沒電梯

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是個非常有趣的大農場 可惜時間不夠 不然一定會多玩一點

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