Yilan Count Zhuangwei Townshi

Wanshun Leisure Farm

A Few Words from the Owner

Wanshan Leisure Farm boasts the biggest pumpkin garden in Taiwan. It was originally at Wanshan Hami Melon Orchard, which is located in Xinnan Village, Zhuangwei Township, Yilan County, near the dike of Lanyang River. At first, this farm was not open to the public, and the signboards were only made by hand. We simply did our duty as farmers. We have been collecting several varieties of pumpkins from all over the world for cultivation. On this farm, there are over one hundred varieties of pumpkins, including various shapes and colors of pumpkins such as big red pumpkins which look like hanging red lanterns. The pumpkins of this farm are edible and also make great decorations. When the pumpkins are ripe before and after the Dragon Boat Festival, many people, tantalized by the appearance of the pumpkins, linger around our pumpkin tunnel taking lots of pictures. On our farm, visitors can not only enjoy appetizing food such as pumpkin bombs (roasted pumpkins, our signature dish), chickens roasted in Shinjiang style, pumpkin pizza, pumpkin coffee and pumpkin milk but also engage in activities like pumpkin painting and tomato picking.


GPS:E1221 48.25

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07/29 Thursday

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還不錯有很多多肉與南瓜還有養殖方面可以逛逛,車停路邊即可 門票60來的時候可以折抵 但是淡旺季不同唷!

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