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No.15-1, Bajia Rd.,Shangde Vil, Yuanshan Township, Yilan County 26444

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People who love ginger lilies cannot miss out on the Hua Quan Leisure Farm. We welcome you all to ex...

A Few Words from the Owner

People who love ginger lilies cannot miss out on the Hua Quan Leisure Farm. We welcome you all to experience the beauty of nature first hand.


Once you step into the Hua Quan Leisure Farm, you will begin to enjoy its natural purity, which will provide you with an environment to live freely, simply, and without the pollution and noise of the city. You don’t need to spend big money on happiness. The farm has many natural fountains emerging from the ground, clean and cool to the touch. Those of you who love to be surrounded by nature can experience a simple and primitive lifestyle. The clear riverside is filled with flowers, camphor trees, and all kinds of aquatic plants planted by the owner to enrich the natural ecosystem. Visitors can find shade under the camphor trees and admire the beauty and abundance of various plants. Under the sunlight in the early morning, you can see handsome Ospreys (also known as fish eagles or fish hawks) hunting fish, and observe amphibian species when night comes.


GPS:E121 42.16

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最具特色的在於他的水上盪鞦韆,底下還有養著肥肥的魚,這裡的水有循環,水沒有很濃的魚味,但可能是有養魚,石頭有些滑,小孩去玩要多注意小心。 Ps農場主要只有自然風,沒有冷氣,若沒下水要準備些蚊蟲藥。

4 週前

園區裡面沒有規劃完善 環境亂 餐廳人手非常不夠 手忙腳亂的 餐點也等很久 不會想二訪

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Irene Kuo
4 個月前

大學生辦團體出遊活動,電話聯絡時老闆表示每人入園費150元可摸啦啊(不含飲料),入場後解說時表示摸到魚蝦啦啊可做作品,之後再詢問時又說作品要加價每人300元,玩了一陣子後,發現入園處及販賣部都寫入園100元附飲料,由帶團的輔導出面再次詢問收費項目後雙方都不太愉快。 該園環境相當原生態,在宜蘭其實找一個小溪即可達到相同效果。費用雖然不是最大的重點,但一開始沒說明可以有的選項及後來的反覆,特別是對學生團體,還是讓人覺得不實在。

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