Yilan Count Yuanshan Townshi

Hua Quan Living Workshop (Hua Quan Leisure Farm)

A Few Words from the Owner

People who love ginger lilies cannot miss out on the Hua Quan Leisure Farm. We welcome you all to experience the beauty of nature first hand.


Once you step into the Hua Quan Leisure Farm, you will begin to enjoy its natural purity, which will provide you with an environment to live freely, simply, and without the pollution and noise of the city. You don’t need to spend big money on happiness. The farm has many natural fountains emerging from the ground, clean and cool to the touch. Those of you who love to be surrounded by nature can experience a simple and primitive lifestyle. The clear riverside is filled with flowers, camphor trees, and all kinds of aquatic plants planted by the owner to enrich the natural ecosystem. Visitors can find shade under the camphor trees and admire the beauty and abundance of various plants. Under the sunlight in the early morning, you can see handsome Ospreys (also known as fish eagles or fish hawks) hunting fish, and observe amphibian species when night comes.


GPS:E121 42.16

Date 11/27 Friday 11/28 Saturday 11/29 Sunday 11/30 Monday 12/01 Tuesday 12/02 Wednesday 12/03 Thursday
Weather 陰有雨 陰有雨 陰有雨 陰有雨 陰有雨 陰時多雲有雨 陰有雨
Highest Temperature℃ 20 18 18 18 19 19 18
Lowest Temperature℃ 19 16 16 17 18 18 17
Rainfall Probability 80% 70% 90% 0% 0% 0% 0%
11/27 Friday

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1 個月前

服務員很親切 入園門票可折抵園區內消費 魚池區很適合親子活動 整片開滿白色,橘色野薑花真美 但植物園區尚缺規劃,美中不足的地方!

WeiJun Sun
1 個月前


2 個月前

鞦韆 ,流水 ,森林,老闆把這些元素完美的結合 ,在宜蘭的田野中創造了這片天地 ,孩子們可以在此戲水,捉蝦 ,餵魚 ,好不愜意,在此種植了非常多的野薑花,尋著花香你就能找到它~

2 個月前

適合全家大小遊玩的好所在! 抓魚撈蝦,午餐現採野薑花 青菜 食材料理, 新鮮又好吃