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3 Wuling Rd., Pingdenvillage, Heping Township, Taichung County

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Wuling National Forest Recreational Area is situated in northeastern Hopin Township in Taichung Coun...

Wuling National Forest Recreational Area is situated in northeastern Hopin Township in Taichung County. The tributaries of Dajia River (Chijiawan, Snow Mountain and Taoshan Creeks) wind through this vast area ranging from 1800 to 3884 meters above sea level. The main recreation area spans the portion of land from the river terrace around Wuling to Taoshan Waterfall. Wuling is the ideal place for ecotourism and environmental education because there are no strong winds and the climate is a comfortable 16ºC in mean annual temperature.

Since the entire area is part of the Snow Mountain range, Wuling has always been the rest area for climbers going to Wulingsisho (Four Beauty Mountain) and Holy Ridgeline. Climbers are proud to have climbed Snow Mountain and enjoy observing unique views of Cuichi Cirque and Flaky Juniper. Visitors typically also make a stop at Wuling Farm. Since this area is almost entirely surrounded by pine trees, it is prone to forest fire. Despite this problem, the beautiful Qijawan Creek and Wuling Terrace are still popular destinations for visitors. In this mountain-village atmosphere, Wuling Farm produces many varieties of mountain vegetables and fruits. Not only are there peaches, pears, apples, and nectar blossoms at the farm, but there also are lovely Taiwanese Walnuts, Formosan Alders and Taiwanese Cherries along the creek. In late autumn, the exquisite yellow and red colors of Liquidambars, Green Maples, and Chinese Cork Oaks are also worthwhile to observe.


Opening hours:08:00~17:00
‧Weekends & Holidays: NT$160
‧Concession (incl. children under 115cm in height): NT$10

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