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Neidong National Forest Recreation Area

Situated in southeastern Xinshian Village in Wulai Township of Taipei County, the 1191-hectare Neidong National Forest Recreational Area ranges from 230 to 800 meters above sea level. Due to the Neidong and Nanshih Creeks, which run through the recreational area, and dense forest blocking the cold wind, the incredibly humid climate is mild with a mean annual temperature of 20oC. With abundant anion and phytoncid, Neidong is the best forest bath area in northern Taiwan.

This area is surrounded by waterfalls, streams and forests. Nanshih Creek is deep and wide with clear water and numerous stones on its river bank. There is a pleasant Sand Creek Fall near the entrance of Neidong. Neidong Creek is narrow, and rapidly flowing water cuts the valley into a steep ravine. The result is a three-tier waterfall with an abundance of silk-like water flowing adjacent to the forest. When visitors come to the falls, they hear its roaring and riveting sounds. Especially since the upper waterfall is 13 meters high, its splashes and the cool air feel particularly refreshing. This waterfall contains the highest level of anion at 50,000 or greater anions per cubic centimeter. The waterfall makes visitors feel calm and may also help improve the immune system. Subsequently, sensing the vitality of the forest, many visitors come here for the physical and mental health benefits. This area seems to relieve visitors from all of their worries.

Neidong National Forest Recreation Area


Opening hours:08:00~17:00

‧Mon.~Fri.—Adults NT$65, Children NT$40, Concession NT$10
‧Weekends & Holidays—Adults NT$80, Children NT$40, Concession NT$10

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08/03 Tuesday

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2 週前

新北市民可憑證件買門票40、很優惠。 園區規劃不錯、走著輕鬆、假日好去處。

2 週前

美妙的音符🎵沉醉於瀑布的節奏裡,氧氣滿滿,舒心愉悅🍃 ♡ #內洞森林遊樂區

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烏來老街,過去一點, 路途遙遠,位在深山, 門票八十,價格還好, 路有三條,觀景步道, 森林步道,觀瀑步道, 往瀑布道,簡單好走, 平易近人,還有小河, 若要繞圈,建議往山, 若不繞圈,建議走瀑, 一星兩分,我給八分, 評分:8/10分。

Michael Tsai
1 個月前

門票新北市民40,其他80元(成人),憑發票入場,我覺得可以再少一點,差額用停車費來補,這樣可以提高週轉率,補貼養護成本 整體而言除了瀑布,走道,水壩就沒什麼其他設施了

1 個月前

「氧」我一輩子的聖地🍓原來~離我這麼近🔭我確沒有發現⋯🔬 🧿⚗️🧿⚗️🧿⚗️🧿⚗️🧿⚗️🧿⚗️🧿⚗️ (奇蹟)總在每天發生了~🧲 謝謝(疫情)~讓我們更懂得珍惜自己的生命!雖然關了一扇《牆》⋯不能出國⋯ 也開啟了另一道門🔮 當心裡想的必會一一實現⋯⋯ 與大自然做朋友吧! 換上洋蔥式的穿著~ 給自己身體一次「機會」~ 讓負離子洗禮了全身🍓跟芬多精交換能量🌹 將滿滿的好能量帶回家⌛️⏳ 消耗體力後⋯在老街有滿滿的小吃與餐廳🍴可以滿足嘴巴👄犒賞自己身體一下❤️沒有錯過任何一個行程👍 滿足了❤️ 期待下一次的行程🚏還能遇見妳🏕 PS:星期一到星期五門票🎫65元(一般民眾使用)假日另計~ 交通: 搭公車🚌前往、要在烏來總站下車⋯往烏來老街方向前進⋯走往內洞瀑布⋯有一些路程😅 開車:有停車場🅿️方便! 當天我們魔鬼👹訓練團響導帶隊!輕鬆走⋯ PS2:雨天☔️小雨建議穿雨鞋,手持手杖⋯以免踩到(樹根)會滑⋯ 晴天☀️布鞋舒適就好🥰以上供參考🍓