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No.174-1,Youmu Li, Sansia Town, Taipei County

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Situated in Yomu District of Sanxia Township in Taipei County, the hilly terrain of Manyueyuan (Full...

Situated in Yomu District of Sanxia Township in Taipei County, the hilly terrain of Manyueyuan (Full Moon) National Forest Recreation Area rises in elevation from northwest to southeast. This 1573-acre area ranges from 300 to 1700 meters above sea level. The winding Rueizai Creek, upstream of the Dabau River, humidifies the area. With a moist climate, summers that are cool and refreshing, and a mean annual temperature of 19.9oC, this area is an ideal place for outdoor activity.

This area is notable for its sandstone shale, two faults and geologically young rivers. The steep valley creates a tremendous height difference of just 1000 meters less than 6 kilometers vertically. Since the steep landscape forms beautiful waterfalls upstream from the Rueizai Creek, this area is famous for these clusters of small waterfalls. On sunny days, sparkling water splashes and colorful rainbows form at the famous Manyueyuan and Chunu (Virgin) Waterfalls to create an ethereal atmosphere. During the rainy season, the roaring sound of moving water is riveting. Along the creek, each of the trails and the giant rocks beside the creek are all ideal places at which to stop. Like the Neidong area, Manyueyuan is famous for its phytocide- and anion-rich forest baths.

Manyueyuan National Forest Recreation Area


Opening hours:08:00~17:00 (Weekends & Holidays 07:00~17:00)

‧Mon.~Fri.—Adults NT$80, Children NT$50, Concession NT$10
‧Weekends & Holidays—Adults NT$100, Children NT$50, Concession NT$10
‧Groups (20 or more) NT$80

Note:For safety reasons swimming is not allowed in the Rueizai and Dabao rivers.

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多雲短暫雨 20-21°C Rainfall Probability40%

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