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35 Siayun Village, Fusing Township, Taoyuan County

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Situated in Xiayun Village of Fuxin Township in Taoyuan County, Dongyanshan (Eastern Eye Mountain) N...

Situated in Xiayun Village of Fuxin Township in Taoyuan County, Dongyanshan (Eastern Eye Mountain) National Forest Recreation Area spans 916 acres and ranges from 650 to 1212 meters above sea level. From its location behind a hill, it halts the advancement of the northeast monsoon. As a result, the climate is warm and comfortable. Since transportation is convenient, the area is perfect for day-trips.

This area is situated on the foot of the western Snow Mountain range and is part of the Dahan River catchment area. From the peak of Dongyan Mountain, visitors can see the endless ridgeline, Taoyuan, Sanxia, Danshui Rivers and Chixin Mountain; the beauty of the region is indescribable. The most valuable segment in this area is the outcrop along the hiking trail, which has numerous fossils of shells, sea urchins, and foraminifers dating to ancient times when Taiwan was submerged in sea. Among all these fossils, the trace fossils are the most remarkable, because they formed 30,000,000 years ago when crustaceans dug out crevices in the rocks for shelter.This spectacular terrain makes for a wonderful outdoor geological classroom for visitors because its soil has undergone erosion from wind and water passage, sediment transport, sediment deposition, ripple drift, stratification, planar fracture, weathering, and soil drift. Thus, this area has significant research and educational value in the geological sciences.

Dongyanshan National Forest Recreation Area


Opening hours:
08:00~17:00 (Holidays 07:00~17:00)
‧Mon.~Fri.—Adults NT$80, Children NT$50, Concession NT$10
‧Weekends & Holidays—Adults NT$100, Children NT$50, Concession NT$10

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tailang chung

親子步道 好走 秋高氣爽 享受芬多精 有蝴蝶 及鳥類 生態保育很好



lydia yang

Beautiful scenery. You can try to reach the highes peak,many stairs, but good. They also have good lesson if you take students here less than 40. I came here to join particularly activity. Climing tree.

ying-shu Wang
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Senmao Hsu
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