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No.62, Huanhu Rd., Dongshan Township, Yilan County 269, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
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Meihua Lake Leisure Farm covers about 5 hectares in Dongshan Township, Yilan County, near some of Yi...


Meihua Lake Leisure Farm covers about 5 hectares in Dongshan Township, Yilan County, near some of Yilan’s most famous sightseeing spots, such as Meihua Lake (Plum Blossom Lake), Sanching Temple, and Luodong Sports Park. With various indoor and outdoor facilities, Meihua Lake LeisureFarm is the perfect place for leisure, culture, and natural landscapes.<br/><br/><br/>Visitors can take a boat trip around the lake, ride bicycles around the mountains and waterways, pick fruit in the orchard, or get close to nature by lighting a campfire in the camp grounds.Feel like doing something more exciting? Arm yourself and race around the paintball arena!<br/><br/><br/>Plenty of diverse DIY activities which incorporate local myths and stories are also provided. Make refrigerator stickers, penholders, kites, handmade vanilla cookies, or aiyu jelly. For those of you who want to release your inner artist, you can make pressed flower key rings, creative notebooks, painted recycle bags, and leaf print t-shirts!

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Weather 多雲午後短暫雷陣雨 多雲短暫陣雨 多雲時陰陣雨 陰陣雨 陰陣雨 多雲時陰陣雨 多雲時陰陣雨
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多雲午後短暫雷陣雨 25-31°C Rainfall Probability30%

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便宜的農場邊間 環境清幽 場地寬闊 農場有相關活動、營火、漆彈、冒險學校訓練課程 房間尚寬敞 近梅花湖湖 有單車 有停車場 --- 上下樓層隔音不佳(小孩子在二樓跳蹦樓下都知道) 沒有網路 中華電信收訊可 128房間浴室淋浴後會積水3~4公分 (地板傾斜排水孔無法排水) 浴室熱水器是接瓦斯桶 熱水器不調至”大”會洗冷水 適合簡單過夜需求的人

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Si-ting Chen
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要電視沒電視(只有最便宜的數位電視) 要網路沒有網路(這裡手機訊號又很差) 整間到處是灰塵,梅味,隔音又差 被騙的感覺 明明是自己隔音太差,晚上8點多還打來説我們太吵了。 爛到不行

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房間設備有問題 一電視歪調 二沒冰箱 三水溫不足水壓不足 四盥洗毛巾有異味 五房間老舊 六拖鞋只放一雙 七帶狗要另外在加收清潔費 八雙人床非常小 九3000一夜價值不高

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