Yilan Count Datong Townshi

Taipingshan National Forest Recreation Area

Situated in Datong Township of Yilan County, the vast 12,631-hectare Taipingshan National Forest Recreation Area ranges from 500 to 2,000 meters above sea level. Tianguer and Dowan Creeks, two tributaries of Lanyan River, wind through high mountains and rift valleys. With a mean annual temperature of 11-12ºC, pure white snow falls during cold winters, while summers are cool and pleasant, making Taipingshan a vacation destination for all seasons.

The Sanxin, Nanhuda and Snow mountain ranges surround high-altitude southwestern Taipingshan. The northeast monsoon and ocean breeze from the Pacific pass directly through these mountains, which stretch from the northeast to the southwest. As the monsoon and ocean breeze advance, moist wind brings in abundant rainfall and pervasive fog year-round. Unpredictable fog and masses of clouds permeate the area, and light mist spreads throughout the clear sky, producing a sense of poetic beauty, especially in the early evening immediately following rain. Taipingshan has ten major attractions and eight nature trails to sightsee, of which, the most famous are Ciouchihze, Taipingshan, Maosing and Cueifong Lake. Ciouchihze is a valley famous for its calcium carbonate hot springs. The elegance of Ciouchihze allows visitors to have an exceptionally enjoyable time. Since Taipingshan’s Primeval Forest Park is at once magically charming yet surrounded by a bare atmosphere, it is often referred to as “Heaven on Earth.” Together with its surrounding forest and waterfowls in mist, Cueifong Lake, the largest alpine lake in Taiwan, makes for a picturesque landscape. Distinctive natural resources unique to the area can be found along eight trails. Visitors can go down Maosing by following along the 2.7-kilometer “Three-Tier Waterfalls Trail” and visit each of the magnificent waterfall’s three tiers: upper, middle, and lower. A 900- hectare pure Taiwanese beech forest is situated at the end of the 3.8-kilometer “Beech Trail” near Cueifong Lake. The golden hue of early spring and late autumn, the silhouette of bare branches in winter, and the advection frost of this rime landscape are spectacular and world renown wonders.

Taiping Mountain National Forest Recreation Area
Taiping Mountain has ever been called as "Minou", which means dense forests in Taiwanese and it was the cradle of primeval juniper forest originally and known as Three Largest Forest Farms of Taiwan together with Ali Mountain and Basian Mountain. Then it was transformed into Taiping Mountain National Forest Recreation Area until 1982 when the government of Taiwan ended logging industry.


Opening hours:

06:00~21:00 (Hours extended to 03:30~21:00 during summer vacation period)


‧Mon.~Fri.—Adults NT$150, Children NT$100, Concession NT$10
‧Weekends & Holidays—Adults NT$200, Children NT$100, Concession NT$10

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09/29 Thursday

旅客評價 (Google Map)

Tony Li
1 個月前

雲淡風輕 歲月不驚 我們選擇了一種最貼近幸福的生活方式,那就是擁抱青山綠水,輕裝簡行悄悄的走入「太平山⛰」。 「見晴」多麼詩情畫意的取名,在静謐幽深的山林中,真是景如其名。 也許因常年在雲霧的籠罩下,白茫茫的迷霧中,反而升起渴望見晴的心情。 從這一條日據時代運輸木材的殘存鐵道,我們拉開今天豐富愉悅的旅程。 長滿青苔的小軌道,讓人彷彿進入時光隧道般,回到那個人聲鼎沸盛況空前的伐木年代,而這裡每一處處斑駁的史蹟,不僅讓人憑弔它曾經有過的風華,也為今天的行程,留下最美好的記憶。 值得一提「鳩之澤溫泉♨️」,周圍山巒疊翠、風光秀麗,這裡的地熱湧泉,一片煙霧隨風飄送,剛剛初來乍到的我們,除了應景煮了玉米、溫泉蛋外,也趁機泡個美人湯,滑腻的湯泉,熱氣升騰的濛濛景象,半小時後頓時令人一身倦態全消,好不愜意。 一趟旅行,追逐了青春的夢想,也圓了老來的心願,返程時,從車内展望窗外,一輛輛遊覽車在群山中繞行,時而穿過雲霧,時而又好似凌空飛行,當走出這片療癒的山林,我忽然看見天邊美麗的彩霞,夕陽紅那紅紅的餘暉,映在幸福的臉頰,山雖然還是山,但我卻已不是…… *原來的我*🤗

Tony Li
3 個月前

2021的第一天剛好上山看日出遇到初雪❄️那天的景色讓我永身難忘,銀白色的世界如詩如畫!前往太平山的路不好走,加上入園前有管制,還要記得帶雪鍊不然有些地方就無法再上去了!可以看太平山森林遊樂區的臉書粉絲頁,常常有即時公告現在園區最新狀況!想要賞雪的人要算好時間才能玩得盡興!山上保暖工作非常重要,想吃泡麵的話,泡麵的熱水在太平山莊裡面有提供,還可以有泡泡麵的地方! 推薦「翠峰湖」步道,來了一定要走完,雖然因為下雪有一段下坡步道有些溼滑,一定要穿防滑的靴子或鞋子,運動鞋很滑!已經看到很多遊客滑倒了!但是走到後面你會發現景色和前面完全不同!非常漂亮,不虛此行❤️

3 個月前

太平山國家森林遊樂區的住宿非常難訂,要來此渡假的你需要有相當大的耐心坐在電腦前和它熬。 當看到紅槭艶艷,晨霧濛朧時,所有辛苦都化為烏有! 住宿房間內部整體0K,4人房房間面積不大。 早餐是採自助式的,菜餚內容不咋滴,如果以它不算便宜的房價來算,早餐的內容是貧乏的。 目前太平山國家森林遊樂區的嘟嘟火車已經開啟,坐車繞著山走,沿途的風景十分壯觀如同走進山川的山水畫般,心靈享宴很是豐富。 如果太平山國家森林遊樂區的服務人員能夠多一點笑容😊,多一點服務精神那這趟旅行就滿分了💯!(我一直覺得很奇怪納悶:為什麼只要冠上國家什麼遊樂森林啦賓館啦...等,服務人員的服務精神就特別低,跟4星5星飯店的服務人員簡直天壤之別?可它住宿費用也不便宜啊!)。

Chiu Liao
7 個月前

秋季上山賞槭樹 美不勝收!

7 個月前