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No.15-6, Bajia Rd.,Shangde Vil, Yuanshan Township, Yilan County 26444
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Sheng Yang Leisure Farm welcomes you to experience the warmth of mother nature as well as various DI...

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Sheng Yang Leisure Farm welcomes you to experience the warmth of mother nature as well as various DIY activities including outdoor education, aquatic ecology, fishing, and ecosphere creation. With aquatic plants as the theme of our leisure farm, we introduced the idea of aquatic plant DIY teaching and published a series of books called “Aquatic Plant Living” in Taiwan and overseas based on our abundant and professional knowledge of aquatic plants. You will also find all different kinds of creative aquatic plant products and CIS (Corporate Identity System) designs. Recently under the guidance of the second generation owner, Xu Zhi-Xiong, Sheng Yang Leisure Farm has strived to develop aquatic plant dishes and aquatic plant ecological bottles and open an aquatic plant museum. We have also been actively promoting the establishment of regional water resource museum. We welcome you all to come visit us and experience mother nature!


After years of effort put into cultivating aquatic plants, the manager of Sheng Yang’s aquatic plant field is aware of the damage inflicted on the natural environment in Taiwan in recent years, which has caused common aquatic plants to gradually become rarer. If restoration and preservation of genetic resources is not being taken care of, many aquatic plants may become extinct. Therefore, Sheng Yang’s aquatic plant field restores aquatic plants in Taiwan and also actively absorbs related knowledge on aquatic plants by participating in the Yilan Community University Lake Club investigation, taking jobs on the conservation of the lake ecosystem, and establishing eco-ponds, thereby contributing to the conservation of the natural environment.


GPS:E121 42.15

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