Miaoli Count Dahu Townshi

Bay and Lake of Rosy Strawberry Garden

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11/24 Tuesday

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chunyi Chang


chunyi Chang


1 週前

🍓季提前開始,我們很幸運🎉 先去採🍓(戶外)過沒多久就下雨了!一顆顆🍓肥美又飽滿,而且不會太甜,也不會太酸,甜度剛好,好吃😍😍 蕃茄也肥美好吃👍 園區乾淨,綻放的玫瑰花🌹花蕾滿枝、嬌嫩欲滴,很美麗。

Gina Chow
3 個月前

Miaoli has many Strawberry farms, some are of course more touristy. This was one farm that appealed more to the locals, which I prefer as well, because this means there are less crowd. There were guides who taught us the proper way to cut the stems and pick the strawberries, and they were all very friendly. My family truly enjoyed the place and the strawberry picking experience. So much so that we packed 4 boxes of strawberries to bring back to Singapore. They would carefully check the strawberries to ensure we get the best ones before packing them into the box. One of the reason I picked this farm was because we could make strawberries jam on the spot and get to bring them home too! It's quite an educational experience for my kid to make his own jam and enjoy his own work. The strawberry jam making class is held in their small restaurant, and do try their strawberry juice when you're there. It's really good! Right beside the strawberry farm is also a flower orchard where they plant and grow various variety of flowers. My mom was a huge fan of flowers and really enjoyed viewing them. The overall experience was great because everyone in the family had fun that suited to their likes!

LU chang
8 個月前