Yilan Count Yuanshan Townshi

Country Grange

Country Grange
"Bali style. Daze B & B Countryside
Wu couples escaped from the urban hubbub of city life.
Hid to the (Countryside). Live trance good old days. Like angles .Sincerely welcome you to join the trance group.
A Few Words from the Owner
A sense of home pervades this small village, where streams as clear as crystal flow outside our front doors, where the sky is broad and mountains are endless, where serenity and warmth thrive. Here, life is multicolored. Travel through unfamiliar paths between fields at dusk, and you will pass by households preparing rich, nutritious, delicious, and fresh cuisines. Here, you, your family, and your friends have the chance to enjoy a pastoral life, secluded from everyday stresses. Happiness is found here, when bikes are ridden on trails winding through fields, where earth ovens are still used, where you can splash in the creek and catch fish or shrimp, where the sound of raindrops and cicadas and children’s laughter fill the air. An enjoyable day at Country Orange Leisure Farm concludes with a cozy bed at dusk for you to drift off into the sweetest dreams.


GPS:E121 41.43

Date 12/05 Sunday 12/06 Monday 12/07 Tuesday 12/08 Wednesday 12/09 Thursday 12/10 Friday 12/11 Saturday
Weather 多雲時陰短暫雨 陰短暫雨 陰短暫雨 多雲短暫雨 陰短暫雨 多雲短暫雨 多雲短暫雨
Highest Temperature℃ 18 19 18 19 20 20 21
Lowest Temperature℃ 16 17 17 17 18 18 18
Rainfall Probability 80% 80% 60% 0% 0% 0% 0%
12/05 Sunday

旅客評價 (Google Map)

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Richeal R
3 個月前

空間寬敞,環境優美,共用空間有咖啡機、冰箱、飲水機, 室內有冷暖氣可使用, 可待改進的是,房間內的兩台電視都是壞的,以及浴室的淋浴間門無法全關,乾濕分離不完整,所以沖澡時,會擔心水噴到外面。

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到了現場因為風大落葉多無法玩水ˉ很失望 對面咖啡廳 衛生品質要改善