Come on, Let’s Get Some Fresh Air at the Fishery Harbor: Enchanting Landscapes at Top Ten Fishing Ports

Throughout the decades, fishing ports have accompanied the development of Taiwan’s fishery. More than two hundred fishery harbors, exerting a profound influence upon the culture and livelihood of Taiwanese people, were built during the heyday of Taiwanese fishery industry. In the past, the impression everybody had on fishing port was no more than “a place where the fishermen went for going fishing on the sea and processing return operations”. But have you ever tried to observe closely and discover the fact that every fishing port is indeed with its own distinctive style and feature? Let us take a look at the selective “top ten fascinating fishery harbors” in Taiwan.

1. Nanfang-ao Harbor
Facing the Pacific on the east covering an area which comprises three roadsteads, Nanfang-ao Harbor is an important base of deep sea fishing of Eastern Taiwan that has been developed ever since Japanese-Occupied Period. Markets, processing plants and ice factories are well-established and fully equipped. There is even a seafood street adjacent to the harbor. The neighboring Nanfna-ao Bridge is a single steel arch bridge unique in the country. As it was difficult for large fishing boats to pass through and to carry out communications between Su'ao Harbor and Nanfang-ao Harbor in early days, the steel arch bridge is built to replace the old one, facilitating interconnections between the two places and is accordingly given the name of “Lovers’ Bridge” by the tourists. In addition, since more than half of the population in Nanfang-ao engages in fishery, goddess Matsu has become the center of belief. The “Golden Matsu” enshrined in Nantian Temple across from the harbor and “Coral Matsu” worshipped by Jinan Temple nearby have attracted many visitors to come and make a pilgrimage apart from local residents.
Come on, Let’s Get Some Fresh Air at the Fishery Harbor: Enchanting Landscapes at Top Ten Fishing Ports
2. Badouzi Fishing Port
Located in northeastern Taiwan east to Keelung Harbor, Badouzi Fishing Port is not only the important stronghold of fishery development in Keelung area but also the largest fishing port of northern region ever since its formal opening in 1980. Though marine operation of the fishermen has modernized along with industrial development, the “Yu Liao (the temporary simple building put up by the fishermen)” of Badouzi on the shore-side still retains former aquatic process technology: many women in the fishing village carry out the process of washing, selecting, exposing (to sunlight) and cooking for the flying fish roe, neritic squid, silver anchovy and white-tipped mackerel caught by the fishermen. The smell of fish mixed with the salty sea breeze allows everyone to experience the retrospective savor of fishing village. After taking enough photographs, do not forget to order the native seafood “cooked squid” for relishing the fresh taste from the sea.
Come on, Let’s Get Some Fresh Air at the Fishery Harbor: Enchanting Landscapes at Top Ten Fishing Ports
3. Port of Hualien
Featuring on tourism and leisure, Port of Hualien is only a ten-minute drive from downtown Hualien. On the other side is the tourist fish market where visitors are able to linger over the view of fishing boat unloading as well as the custom of the sale of all kinds of fish such as dolphin fish, ocean sunfish and etc. On the periphery of the port is the retail fish market where both locals and tourists are allowed to buy the freshest ingredients. Countless seafood restaurants offers valet cuisine service based on an affordable price. Instead of bringing the ingredients all the way home, you can enjoy directly the freshest seafood right on the spot. “Xiang Ri Square” and “Pacific Ocean Love Tower” built in Greek leisure style next to the port enable visitors to include the breathtaking landscape of Pacific Ocean, Coastal Mountain Range and Central Range entirely within reach of their sight. On the north side is the country’s first whale and dolphin watching pier themed with recreation and leisure. One may take a whale watching boat out to the sea to explore the trail of the cetacean in Pacific Ocean.
Come on, Let’s Get Some Fresh Air at the Fishery Harbor: Enchanting Landscapes at Top Ten Fishing Ports
4. Chenggong Fish Harbor
Also known as Xingang Fish Harbor, Chenggong Fish Harbor is the largest fishing port in eastern Taiwan. As Oyashio Current and Kuroshio Current always flow through the surrounding waters, Chenggong Fish Harbor is blessed with abundant fishery landings. Among the catch, sailfish is the most representative. Every October and November, one can see fishermen trying to spear fish by using harpoons. Not only has the performance displayed fully the actual strength of the fisher folks but also become one of the distinguishing features of Chenggong Fish Harbor. Every afternoon after the return of fishing boats, the sounds of hawking and cries for sale and bid begin to rise at the auction market. What a busy place, with so many people coming and going! What is more, yacht terminal which functions as whale watching boat’s point of departure has also been set up at Chenggong Fish Harbor. Together with stores and shops stand in great numbers nearby, a lot of tourists tend to stay for quite a while for dining or shopping and experiencing the unique atmosphere of the east coast.
Come on, Let’s Get Some Fresh Air at the Fishery Harbor: Enchanting Landscapes at Top Ten Fishing Ports
5. Kezailiao Fishing Port
Located in Ziguan Dist., Kaohsiung City, Kezailiao was once a fishing village which focused on oyster raising and fish catching in the past. In order to maintain piscatorial livelihood and accelerate fishery modernization, Kezailiao Fishing Port was constructed to drive the development and prosperity of coastal areas in southern Ziguan in the year of 1988. The increase of yield of catch during the recent years has empowered Kezailiao Fishing Port to win the championship of nation’s catch of the day. It has become the essential place of origin of mullet roe in wintertime. Countless fabricated products and processed foods such as mullet roes, mullet milt and mullet gizzards can be found inside the tourist fish market during this time of the year. Many visitors will come to purchase the items as gifts before Chinese New Year. Furthermore, a number of restaurants which provide valet cuisine services and snacks are also available. Sashimi and oyster omelet pancake are two of the most popular dishes. These delicacies are sumptuous and luscious. You must not miss them.
Come on, Let’s Get Some Fresh Air at the Fishery Harbor: Enchanting Landscapes at Top Ten Fishing Ports
6. Anping Harbor
Anping Harbor was once the largest port in Taiwan in history. Whereas the present commercial harbor has relocated to a new location in the south, Anping Harbor has become an old port. As the old port tends to separate Yuguang Island which was originally in connection with Anping from the land, another cross-harbor “Yuguang Bridge”, which thus becomes the new landmark of the port, is built to enable convenient travel access for the islanders. Anping Harbor, initially functioned as a site where catch auction took place, has turned into a spot where visitors can have a rest, dine and look far into the distant seascape of Anping Harbor since its transformation into tourist fish market in 2002. The newest tourist attraction, “Love Square”, is the re-planning green space between yacht wharf and Blue Sea Pier. The original water tank and the surrounding green area have been beautified with the involvement of European atmosphere. Lights are put on during the night to create romantic ambiance. Love Square is now a must-visit spot for lovebirds.
Come on, Let’s Get Some Fresh Air at the Fishery Harbor: Enchanting Landscapes at Top Ten Fishing Ports
7. Wanggong Fishing Port
Known for its abounding with sea oysters, Wanggong Fishing Port is located in Wanggong Village of Fangyuan Township in Changhua County facing Taiwan Strait on the west. Ever since conducting “Wanggong Revival”, an event of National Festival of Culture and Arts”, Wanggong Fishing Port has begun transforming gradually into a tourism fishing port. “Wong Gong Fishing Boat Lights (midsummer music festival)” was even one of the eight views of Changhua County in former times. The fishermen today still make a living by fishing and raising oysters along the shore. Women are often seen gathering at the door, working diligently on picking out oysters, which also becomes a distinctive human landscape of local area. If you are interested, you can take a ride on oyster-harvesting vehicle to explore the style and features of fishing village. With regard to the gourmet food of Wanggong, “pearl oyster snow ice” which made from the combination of local specialties including pearl oyster, asparagus and king oyster is a must-eat delicacy aside from the traditional oyster fritter. The plump oysters without unpleasant smell after being blanched are collocated with sweet shaved ice to present incredibly delicious taste. It is definitely worth a try.
Come on, Let’s Get Some Fresh Air at the Fishery Harbor: Enchanting Landscapes at Top Ten Fishing Ports
8. Wuqi Fishing Port
Covering a vast hinterland adjacent to Taichung Port, Wuqi Fishing Port was known as “Zhu Fa Xue (Bamboo Raft Den)” in olden days. As located at the junction of Niumatou Xiwushui, it is also known as “Wucha Harbor” before native scholars refine and change the appellation into “Wuqi”. Wuqi Fishing Port is famous for its direct selling fish market throughout the whole country that huge crowds of people is literally a normal phenomenon appeared at local fish markets. It is recognized by the general public to be the guarantee of top-quality fish goods. Wuqi Fishing Port is not only one of the major fishery ports in central Taiwan but also a tourism leisure fishing port nowadays. The port, which is divided into several sections including fresh fish area, dining area, picnic area, fishing harbor market and kite-flying area, has become an awesome place for the public to go for enjoying seafood and experiencing coastal leisure life.
Come on, Let’s Get Some Fresh Air at the Fishery Harbor: Enchanting Landscapes at Top Ten Fishing Ports
9. Nanliao Fishery Harbor
“Pokémon Go”, the mobile game that once became a fad of the time, unintentionally brought this secluded fishing port to life. Nanliao Fishery Harbor went viral and turned into an ideal place for catching a Pokémon overnight. In fact, Nanliao Fishery Harbor was once the spot where all fishing boats, squid-catching light ships and various types of large fishing crafts from different parts of Taiwan assembled in its heyday during the early years. Fishermen can indeed catch and collect the treasures of landing. Although the development of fishery has been replaced by Hsinchu Fishing Port in the south in recent years, Hsinchu Fishermen's Association still choose to set up a fishery product direct sales center which covers an area of 3960 square meters to provide fresh seafood, prepared food and all kinds of products. The original culture and landform of Nanliao fishery harbor, which has been transformed into a recreational harbor, are kept and well-preserved. The most popular things to do during these days include riding bicycle along the seventeen-kilometer coastline, marveling at the sunset on the jetty and lingering over the sceneries formed by the black-and-white Mediterranean style buildings. It is a great place where family and friends should go for a trip on holidays.
Come on, Let’s Get Some Fresh Air at the Fishery Harbor: Enchanting Landscapes at Top Ten Fishing Ports
10. Fuji Fishing Port

Located in Shihmen District, New Taipei City, Fuji Fishing Port features very largely in offshore fisheries. Primarilyly being a small fishing village, Fuji Fishing Port is famed for crab catching that the annual yield of flower crab alone can reach up to three hundred metric tons. After the establishment of fishery product direct sales center founded by Jinshan Fishermen's Association, different kinds of fish products are planned for display and sale. The fishermen promptly deliver the haul to the market in the manner of direct selling after the return of fishing boats in late afternoon. The gourmands are allowed to pick out their preferred options or find a nearest restaurants that offer valet cuisine service for instant cooking. Everyone can relish the delectable taste on the spot by paying a small valet cooking fee. Since Fuji Fishing Port is actually not far away from the downtown area of Taipei City plus the celebrated tourist attractions including Fuguei Cape, Cape Fugui Lighthouse, Laomei Park, Linshanbi, Baishawan (literally White Sand Bay) and Jinshan Old Street nearby, it is possible to arrange a sightseeing tour within the same day. This is the reason why Fuji Fishing Port has become the first choice for visitors who wish to go on a one-day trip.

Would you like to go out for a walk and get some fresh air? Why not visit these enchanting harbors in Taiwan. They might be the optimal choice!