FamilyHave a winter tour

Winter is the season for the whole family to get together. Strong, chilly winds cannot dissipate your desire for the whole family to take a trip together. Don't be fooled to think that cold means lifeless. You only need to be a little more mindful to notice that sakuras, red as blood and in full bloom, are there to greet your whole family. Orchards are having bountiful harvests. All varieties of citrus fruits are sweet, tart, and all natural. In a cold day, why not try nine-citrus tea? It’s warm, sweet, and sour. The feeling the moment the tea reaches the throat is surely to please children and grownups alike. Or you may stop for a breather. Have a meal of ginger dish that warms your heart as well as stomach. The assortment of local specialty treats and fun are surely to leave you deeply impressed.

Sakura red all over the mountain. A mini trip in spite of the cold Dongshi, Taichung

in this transition weather from warm to cold, is full of sakura flowers. Sakura peach colors and plum flowers whites mixed to give a lovely scene. about 11.8KM is located beside a waterfall. Navel oranges and tongans are getting ready for customers. Picking fruits and making snacks as a family is a joy in life. about 11.1KM Get a hands-on experience making tea seed oil. DIY and you extract pure oil and peace of mind. about 6KM A wood storage pond is rich in ecology. See an exhibit of sculptures carved out of driftwood.

A thousand kinds of tea flowers bloom to vie for your attention. Snap a few photos of you surrounded by flowers is a must for posting your locations. about 16.1KM A serene and quiet Hakka farming village where rice paddies, irrigation ditches, water wheels make a simple but wholesome picture. about 6.1KM Face to face with African boas, chameleons, and macaws. Explore the wonderful worlds of animals and plants. about 4.1KM It offers more than 50 varieties of handmade vinegars for your to make fruit vinegars for fun and health.

People are more beautiful than tea flowersBaoshan and Beipu, Hsinchu

Come to the mountain town and have fun with strawberries Dahu and Zhuolan and Sanyi, Miaoli

plants its strawberries in elevated planters; even children can fully function picking strawberries. about 15.3KM Flower-packed European-styled restaurants feature a life-sized tree house. Play with lambs, little horses, and ducklings all day long. about 19.4KM is the remains of a railroad bridge destroyed by an earthquake. Its red-brick piers remain standing--blemished but beautiful. about 7.5KM Hakka rice-based delicate snacks. Innovations out of a traditional base while keeping all the traditional taste.

plants with natural methods more than 20 species of citrus. Come and enjoy the fun to pick fruits, feed the fish, wander in the farm, and leisurely enjoy the simple pleasure of being on farm. about 2.6KM The century-old temple is simple and delicate. Sakura bloom vigorously in the back mountains. A bakery with a wood-fired brick oven is just around the corner about 14.1KM Focusing on the ancient art of bamboo paper making, it offers customers experiences of preserving the joss paper culture. about 6KM has a collection of several thousand species of cactus and succulent, whose flesh is therapeutic.

Citrus picking and flower watching fun Hengshan and Qionglin and Xinpu, Hsinchu

Leisurely travel and have a cup of tart and sweet tea Shitan, Miaoli

Innovating from a Hakka tradition, the nine-citrus tea is steamed nine times and sun dried nine times so it delivers tea and citrus fragrances the moment it gets into the mouth. about 5.7KM produces many varieties of organic sprouts like wheatgrass and burclovers. A whole family may make organic sprouts wraps and eat them on the spot for unparalleled freshness about 6.6KM Join an outdoor guided ecotour to get close to nature, such as having a date with the owl about 13.6KM Return to commonplace, simple streets to seek out heart-warming tea longevity.

The whole family working as one to pick vegetables in the garden. Taste theme cuisine that feature ginger, making you warm in the deep of winter. about 1.7KM The 360-degree wrap-around view makes the mountains and the clouds go by you as if right in front of your eyes. about 7.5KM Painting colorful faces or hunting egg in grass for children is as fun as hunting treasure. about 3.4KM Interact with 3D color painting or scenery of farming villages for unparalleled fun.

Vitality-replenishing Ginger and Seas of Cloud tour Dahu and Sanyi, Miaoli

Hakka Lei Tea, experiencing the old-fashioned taste Sanwan, Miaoli

Come to this tea garden to experience the life of a tea farmer, explore together the production process of pongfeng tea, and drink vintage tea. about 3.7KM Using local ingredients, it offer delicious dishes that go well with the natural scenery. about 98M is full of Hakka warmth. Salty flavored lei tea is quite special that gives you tastes that are hard to forget. about 8.8KM On the scene with a lively guided tour, you get to feel the mining life in Nanzhuang in the old days.

Go into the field to experience the fun of pulling taros. Make some DIY taro balls with old friends that are soft, chewy, and very fragrant. about 3KM Twist straws to make ropes. Make your own enclosing ropes to carry your luck and good fortune home. about 10.3KM Have a little sip of strawberry wine. Of course, you don’t want to miss the strawberry jam, strawberry eggrolls and other strawberry products in the series. about 1.4KM is irrigated with spring water and planted with a natural method, giving you peace of mind in every strawberry.

Pulling taros and making ropes LOHAS trip Gongguan and Dahu, Miaoli