Parents and children play in summerPlay in summer

The hot summer sun hangs high above, making it a perfect time for an outing. Especially during the long summer vacation, why not schedule a fun-filled, interactive parents-and-children trip for the entire family to visit farms, fruit orchards, and tea farms to experience various fun and learning activities, to get close to the locals? Go and see daylilies, eat flowers, and take guided tours. Or pick fruits yourselves and enjoy the fun of being a farmer if only for one day. Or drink good tea at a century-old tea factory and listen to stories about culture. We believe that learning while playing in the field when children are small will enrich their childhood memory.

Blitheness in the orange-colored daylily field Xinshe, Taichung

Local specialties and glimpses of farm villages are ingredients for colorful paintings. Wandering about the village and taking photos is pure joy. about 14.2KM Daylilies blanket the whole mountain, giving off golden glitters. Take your children along to listen to the tour guide to learn new knowledge and enjoy a daylily cuisine. about 8.2KM Experience the joy of mushroom picking. Eat and buy mushrooms in one fell swoop. about 4.5KM Lotus flowers of various colors fill the pond. Children may sit on the leaves of Victoria plants that is both romantic and fun.

Cheerfully seeking golden rain Xinpu and Zhudong and Baoshan, Hsinchu

Jiuqiong Lake Leisure Agricultural Zone. Round up old friends and get out to hike and stretch yourselves. Golden rain trees bloom along the way. Have a delightful Hakka meal at about 6.6KM Use persimmon as dyes to create your own images.about 15.6KM A veteran store successfully transformed shares the production process of bamboo products. Bamboo curtains and bamboo mats are must-have souvenirs. about 7.5KM Sitting leisurely by the lake, enjoy the beautiful scene of the lake and the afternoon tea. Have a great time being far away from the hustles of everyday living.

A sweet trip for big pears Zhuolan, Miaoli

Steps in the ancient path were made with pebbles. Walk uphill in the heavy shade on this path to follow the footsteps of tea farmers of the past. about 2.7KM Zen is surrounded by greens and the meals are prepared without a menu. Creative private-use dishes are just right for your slowed -down life.about 6.6KM Big grafted pears abound in the farm. Enthusiastic farmers teach their secrets. Children are having fun picking pears. about 2.2KM Watch up close water spilling out. The sight is even more magnificent after a big rain.

Grape tunnel is an attraction. Enjoy grape picking, smoothie, jelly, and a satisfying grape meal. about 17.8KM Hidden in the mountains are fairy-tale cottages guarded by two slender pine trees. Slow down to enjoy a meal. about 8.9KM The colorful ladder incorporates unique Sanyi features. There’s no stopping from snapping photos with 3D scenery. about 11.4KM Wander on the long stretches of a prairie, get close to small animals, and feed the calves.

Outings for orchards and ranchesZhuolan and Sanyi and Tongxiao, Miaoli

The joy of little farmers Shigang, Taichung

Using stacked planters to cultivate so that tomatoes, cucumbers, and peppers can be picked easily for the whole family to have fun together. about 3.1KM Taste the goodies of Shigang mothers. Hakka dishes and rice snacks are authentic that offer high cost- performance ratios about 1.4KM Visit this wholly preserved Japanese-styled granary and imagine the lives of the old days about 0.9KM 3D color paintings of fairy tales offer backdrops of joyful photos.

Its lively notes on the guided tour get students deeper into the stories of the factory. Drink tea and learn about tea culture in one fell swoop. about 1.8KM More than 30 species of tomatoes from many countries surely open the eyes of many. The fun of tomato picking is available year round. about 9.4KM Decorated with love, the old station is the launching pad for a ride on a mini train to satisfy the young at heart on a holiday.about 10KM A record of history and tidbits of Taiwanese black teas. Witness how fragrant teas merged into the beauty of life.

The whole family pick tea leaves at an old tea factoryGuanxi and Hengshan, Hsinchu

Cannot stop snapping photos at tea farms and tea factory. Emei, Hsinchu

Be a maker of meiren tea for one day. Tea farms and tea factories are all perfect backdrops for photo taking, giving you beautiful shots however you take them. about 1.2KM Bake bread in a big earth oven in a church. Light wheat fragrances and local jam combined to give you a taste that will be hard for you to forget. about 5.5KM Widely planted with flowers, fruits, and vegetables, this farm is lush and green. Grind tea, mesh mochi, and make stuffed rice buns are some of unique experiences of Hakka culture. about 3.1KM Recall the old days of the tea factory. The tea-making machine as old as grandpa is surely to open your eyes.

Encountering Chinese dates in a golden little town Gongguan and Dahu, Miaoli

Freshly picked non-toxic Chinese dates are spread out under the sun to dry. You must take photos with this venue, brightly red, as a backdrop. They are surly to awe everyone on the internet. about 1.9KM Using local ingredients Chinese dates and taros, the restaurant offers dishes that are pleasing and local in every way. about 1.3KM Observe the explosive blooming of golden shower trees. A dreamlike scene of the ground covered in flowers of golden shower trees. about 7.9KM DIY chocolate. Pick up some chocolate products; they are good for home or friends.