Picture-perfect for posting your location on the InternetSpring trips

The weather is getting warmer, and buds are emerging on branches. Do you also feel the arrival of spring? Hurry and take off your heavy clothing. Follow the flowers, the fruits, and the fragrant teas to their homes in a mini trip to show the natural beauty to the world. Make this a different trip for the season. Only in spring and summer can you see Hydrangea macrophylla, so make sure that you capture them in your photos. Follow the farmers to sweet peaches, or perhaps bend down, like those tea pickers, to pick tea leaves in a tea farm. You may also get into the mountains to experience the fun of picking shiitake in shiitake farms. These scenery and experiences are all perfect photo materials for the internet postings.

A mini trip in the midst of Hydrangea macrophylla Jhuolan and Dahu, Miaoli

Hydrangea macrophylla after Hydrangea macrophylla vigorously greet your arrival. A sea of flowers bloom all at once, but you are the star. Don’t forget to enjoy a massage of essential oil in the essential oil pavilion. about 2.5KM In the serene white house by the lake, enjoy your afternoon tea and the scenery on the edge of the shore. about 10.3KM Landscape that only nature can make will take your breath away. about 2.4KM Thirty years of traditional snacks craftsmanship brings you these delicious treats.

Zigzag in alleys of sweet osmanthus, take a peek at the old post office, and wander on old streets to reminiesce about the old days. about 7.7KM Hidden in a little heavenly mountain are tong flowers covering the whole field. You may also do some DIYs and have a taste of Hakka cuisine. about 1.4KM A wide variety of plants dot the garden. Hydrangea macrophylla is the star in the afternoon tea. about 12.5KM Walking on wooden planks alongside a clear stream, you can feel the vibrant vigor for living in the midst of all the woods.

Snow of Tong flowers in May mini trip Nanchuang, Miaoli

Picking plums, making porcelain, and wandering along the old mountain line Dahu and Sanyi, Miaoli

Taking avdantage of the high season of peaches and plums, take your children to experience nature and the joy of picking fruit, leaving them with memorable childhood moments. about 10KM Making porcelain, drinking tea, and eating oven-baked chicken in the porcelain art district in the middle of a field, this may well be an unforgetable field trip to the countryside. about 6.2KM Riding bikes on the old mountain rail line through tunnels to see the sights and appreciate the cultural beauty of the mountain communities. about 230M Hakka afternoon tea is fun. Lei tea, mochu, and mugwort buns are all authentic Hakka delicacies.

Ride your bike into the winds and see the scenery and culture along this discontinued railroad. about 7KM Have a treat of Hakka cuisine in a three-way courtyard, and take home souvinior of wine made from local fruits. about 6KM This old-fashiond building was converted from an old railroad station. Various themed exhibits give visitors glimpses into the splendor of Hakka culture. about 6KM Fruit-ladden peach trees and pinkish peach fruit and faces make for perfect pictures. Procelian, ligtening bugs watching, and ecological explorations are all available to our guests.

What a juicy trip of picking peaches and watching lightning bugs Dongshi, Taichung

Up the mountains to pick mushroom and look for fun Qionglin and Zhudong, Hsinchu

Picking shiitake with your own hands is an exciting thing, leaving you with not just handsome photos but also knowledge. about 9.5KM Rice snacks made by Hakka mama like radish cake, Hakka mochi, meigan stewed prok sticky rice zongzi are both healthy and delicious. about 5.4KM Combining local elements and an old space to yield new ideas. about 650M Accenturate the traits of local ingredients to make this warm, sweet, and sour preserved plums and mandarine pulp. Hurry. Come enjoy hand picking shiitake mushrooms.

Washington lupin in full bloom, visit this old tea country, a century-old house, and a mysterious trail in the middle of mountains. about 22.8KM In the midst of these natural, romantic scenery and herds of lovely animals is where you may enjoy a pleasant meal. about 6.4KM An old building with an infusion of new life, this scene hold the old and the new together where every photo you take has a story to tell. about 11.4KM Beyond its famed pressed bean curd and peanut candy, the houses on the streets, a mixture of Baroque and southern Fujian styles, are a sight to behold.

Visit the tea country and get a close look at a century-old tea factoryLongtan and Daxi, Taoyuan

The fun of Oriental Beauty Tea Emei and Beipu, Hsinchu

Century-old tea shop offers guided tours and tea tasting to take you into the world of Oriental Beauty Tea. about 1.2KM Combining Hakka, Hong Kong-style, and seafood cuisines, we offer dish after dish of health-oriented delicacies. about 5.8KM Trees and the lake offer an aura of leisure, and the 3D paintings and raised hiking trails are perfect backdrops for photo taking. about 12.1KM Far removed from the hustle of the old street, the backyard of this ancient relic house is perfect for some quiet time and tea.

Shiitake Garden and Camphor Discovery Journey Xinshe and Dongshi, Taichung

Jumbo inverse rainbow straw is magnificent, drawing water to enable for Xinshe to produce bountiful crops about 5.6KM This vast garden has a wide variety of mushrooms. Picking mushroom, taking a guided tour, and having a mushroom meal will leave you with a special feeling inside. about 6.7KM Seasonal fruits and quality mushrooms are local specialties, some of which you must take home. about 5.7KM Listen to the family that has been in the business of making camphor for a hundred years for stories of camphor and smoked oil. They add creativity value to a traditional merchandise.