Gray-haired LOHAS toursSlow outings in autumn

The days are pleasant, a little cool in the sun as maples turn red and pomelos emit sweet scents. These are just the perfect time for gray-haired couples and friends to get out of the house to pick fruits, have tea, and reminisce about the old days while traveling along the rich terrains of Provincial Highway 3--leisurely and cheerfully. Pomelos are ripened. Pick fruit in the mountain and recall childhood fun growing up on a farm. Tongluo Chrysanthemum morifolium are in full bloom. Seas of flowers line your path. You may go to a tea farm to learn about tea ceremony and enjoy a tea meal. Or you may visit the home of Chinese mesona to take in its ecology. Traveling with old pals, you are not rushed, so you may take an in-depth look at any particular location. What could be more fun than this?

Fun picking tea and working with wood in Chrysanthemum morifolium flower fields Tongluo and Sanyi, Miaoli

White Chrysanthemum morifolium like snow. Golden flowers bloom brilliantly. Light fragrance accompanies your pleasant stroll. about 1.5KM Put on a headscarf and dangle a bamboo basket on your waist to make your own tea. about 10.6KM A homey kitchen sits over there by the mountain. Taste the real flavor of the delicacy that the chef made with authentic ingredients. about 3.3KM Wooden duck painting DIY. Other carved wooden animals are available. A coat of colors make them like real.

Colorful, continuous seas of flowers attract all eyes. The Moai site is a magnet for photo taking. Kids have great fun playing with water and grass sliding. about 2.5KM Planting rice seedlings and picking wild vegetables with kids, your family feel the vigor of vibrating with nature. about 10.5KM Dahan River is rich in ecology. Silvergrass bloom as autumn sets in. Picnicking on the great grassland is pure pleasure. about 5.5KM is a century-old street lined with ancient, red-brick buildings. Hakka snacks are worthy of people’s leisurely sampling.

Brimming bliss in a trip to the sea of flower Daxi and Longtan, Taoyuan

Persimmons have turned orange color, and farm families happily do their farm chores Dongshi and Xinshe, Taichung

The whole family harvest, learn about food and farming, and get a taste of farm living. about 19KM White houses situated in the midst of mountains with lawn chairs and tables scattered around. It’s like dining in a forest. about 12.3KM Chewy pen-shaped perssimons are ripened to orange color, and oranges and ponkans are ready for harvest. Your whole family can get a taste of the joy of autumn harvests. about 4.7KM This annual floral exhibition features a large area of theme zones that are just right for family photos.

is surrounded by mountains, amidst an aura that permeates the upstream area of the reservoir. Picking fruit, watching flowers, savoring the beauty of nature, making your LOHAS pleasant. about 6.6KM , an venerable shop of traditional Hakka cuisine that gives you dishes brimming with real food that you can see. about 6.6KM Come see how tea oil is extracted from tea seeds. You may also try tea oil cuisine. Simply stir tea oil in noodles, and you can enjoy a delightful bowl of noodles. about 7.6KM , a small farming village abounds with an air of art. Experience DIY making orange-flavored steamed buns

In the midst of a bumper harvest for pomelos, have fun picking fruit Sanwan, Miaoli

Chinese mesona pavilion for black taste-searching fun Guanxi and Xinpu, Hsinchu

LOHAS learning from learning about Chinese mesona and tasting its specialty cuisine about 3.4KM Association Farmers’ Market", where Chinese mesonaa tea, orange marmalade, and other locl agricultural products gather for you to buy all the souvenirs and gifts that you need about 9.6KM where family shrines of rich families of the past stand one after another to show the cultural beauty of Xinbu. about 6.1KM where the sheer number of sun-drying fields is breathtaking. Don’t miss out on perssimon ornaments and perssimon tie-dyes.

Experience tea ceremony, tea taste mini tour Toufen, Miaoli

Enjoy a healthy tea meal at the scenic restaurant. Tea tables are arranged according to seasons. Calm down at a table to drink tea and listen to tea ceremony about 1.6KM Take a leisurely walk on a gentle slope in Toufen. Tall, fragrant maple trees flank the path like a dream dragon cat tunnel. about 5.5KM Experience traditional Hakka rice culture by making rice cakes, living farm lives, and reminisce about the fun of childhood. about 2.8KM is a brand that a tea farmer created when he changed his business model. Hand made with a single kind of tea, giving you a light and fragrant taste.

Wander about the mountain town in search of tea-seed oil Hengshan, Hsinchu

Come here to take out tea seeds that can be pressed to yield tea-seed oil. Capture your hard work with photos. about 5.4KM is a scenic restaurant converted from a deserted elementary school. It seeks out local quality ingredients to offer you Hsinchu delicacies. about 7.8KM injects arts into a comic house of the Liu Xing-qin lineage. Hand-made cuisine adds liveliness to the campus. about 1.1KM Take a big breath and step right onto the bridge so you my see the splendid views of Youluo River.

offers seasonal fresh vegetables. Bring your children here to sample simple and natural tastes and let their imagination run wild while they make Hakka blue-dye. about 6.4KM Blooming flowers and vigorous grass are like a natural classroom. The venue offers delicious salad made fresh with just-picked vegetables. about 10KM The ivy-covered castle is too dreamy. Afternoon tea in the company of beautiful scenery will surely soothe you. about 7.6KM Get on the viewing deck to take in the whole of surrounding mountains and water.

Farm tours, food funs, and Hakka blue dye Sanyi and Dahu, Miaoli